Tirumala Tirupati Darshanam Procedure Tickets Booking Guide

Know The Details About Tirumala Tirupati Darshanam Procedure Tickets Booking Guide, Timings, Accommodations, Nearby Temples, And More Info

Tirumala is currently taking last-minute reservations for the Tirupati Darshan ritual. Tirumala may expect heavy traffic on weekends. Access to Darshan and the reserved chamber is restricted unless prior arrangements have been made.

The traffic pattern throughout the first three days of the week will be rather typical. Tirupati’s current rituals for religious ceremonies may be revised in the not-too-distant future.

Tirumala Tirupati Darshanam Procedure Tickets Booking Guide

Every day, there are thousands of pilgrims who make the journey to Tirumala. Tickets for the religious journey known as Divya Darshan, also known as “Footsteps Darshan,” are now being offered at Alipiri and Srivari Mettu. Tickets may be purchased there or via online booking by believers.

Sarva Darshanam Ticket Booking Procedure:

Ticket Issue Counter: VQC II, Tirumala

Tickets quota: Unlimited

The guideline for the devotees’ admission to the individual cells is “first come, first served,” which means that they must arrive early in order to secure a spot. The amount of time that you will have to wait in line for Darshan will change depending on how crowded Tirumala currently is. The wait period for Darshan is anywhere from six to twenty-four hours.

Expected waiting time:

Day Darshan duration
Monday6 to 7 hrs
Tuesday5 to 6 hrs
Wednesday5 to 7 hrs
Thursday7 to 8 hrs
Friday8 to 9 hrs
Saturday12 hrs to 16 hrs
Sunday12hrs to 16 hrs

Special Entry Darshanam Ticket Booking:

  • The online purchase of the Darshanam ticket allotment will begin shortly.
  • It is recommended to make reservations at least two to three months in advance.
  • The daily ticket limit is set at 25,000.
  • Darshan Timeframe: 2-3 hours
  • Darshan filing a report: ATC Vehicle Storage

Tirumala Tirupati Darshanam Procedure Tickets Booking Guide

NRI Darshanam:

In the past, non-Indian residents were able to get access to Supadam for Darshan by paying Rs.300 at the gate. NRI Darshan is now available. Darshan tickets must be reserved in advance for any non-resident aliens. Non-Resident Indians are not permitted admission to Darshan upon arrival.

Infant Darshanam:

Infant Baby Darshan is available. The purchasing of a Darshan ticket is required for any and all devotees. Darshan at Supadam costs money, thus tickets must be purchased in advance. The temple does not provide free darshan.

Senior Citizen/ Differently Abled / Medical Cases Darshanam:

  • Reservations must be made in advance online for the Darshan for Senior Citizens. Both Tirumala and Tirupati lack counter ticketing services for visitors.
  • The maximum number of tickets sold in a single day is 1,000.
  • You need to be 65 or older to apply.
  • Admission is free.
  • The darshan will take anywhere from one to two hours per day, every day.
  • All other Darshan lines will be put on hold as people enter via this door, which is just adjacent to the Tirumala Nambi shrine on South Mada Street.

Angapradakshinam Ticket Booking:

  • Angapradakshinam tickets may be purchased online. Tirumala does not allow offline booking through counters.
  • There will be no admission fees.
  • In order to enter the temple, the devotee must wear wet clothing. Devotees are welcome to go for Darshan after the Pradakshinam is complete. Angapradakshinam immediately follows Suprabhatha Seva.

SRIVANI Trust Darshanam Ticket Booking:

  • The suggested individual donation is Rs.10000.
  • Breakfast Darshan for the VIP’s Regular daily price is Rs. 500, while special day price is Rs.
  • The First Door provides access to Darshan and is situated right next to the First Step, also known as the Kulasekara Padi.
  • Two to two and a half hours is the typical length of a Darshan.
  • You may buy these tickets at the box office or online. One or two months’ notice is needed for online booking. The Tirumala office of the JEO camp is where you may get the ticket one day in advance.
  • The cap might be increased in light of the overwhelming interest.

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