Tirumala TTD Slotted Sarva Darshan Free Tickets Booking

Know more details about the Tirumala TTD Slotted Sarva Darshan Free Tickets Booking, Tirumala TTD Slotted Free Darshan Tickets Booking

Process of Tirumala Sarva Darshan:

Sarva Darshan is the free darshan that happens while people wait in Vaikuntam Queue Complex II compartments for their turn to see the Lord. Sarvadarshanam means “darshan for everyone.” The timing of Sarvadarshanam changes each day of the week.

On average, the Sarvadarsanam will be open every day for about 18 hours, but on busy days, it will be open for 20 hours.

To start the process, you can use the Vaikuntam Queue Complex to get this darshan. There are many connected passageways that all lead to the main temple. A good waiting system makes it possible for pilgrims to move in an orderly way through the Queuing Complex and toward the main temple.

Tirumala TTD Slotted Sarva Darshan Free Tickets Booking

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Free Lockers for Mobile Phones in Tirumala:

Please remember that you have to put all electronic devices in these mobile lockers and get a token. After the Darshan, take the token to one of the Collection Centers to get your things back.

  1. If you are reporting to Vaikuntam Queue Complex I or II, you can leave your cell phones and other electronic devices at the luggage deposit desk, which is right across from the VQC I. When you leave the items, you will be given a receipt, which you will need to show when the things are delivered.
  2. Pilgrims who are getting Special Darshan, Sarva Darshan, or Divya Darshan can leave their belongings at the kiosks where they check in for these Darshan. These kiosks cost Rs.300. The place to leave your bags is near the entrance to Sarva Darshan.

All phones and bags left at the Collection Centers can be picked up at the delivery facility, which is in PAC IV, the Old Annadanam building. Your bags will be moved from wherever you left them before going to Darshan to the Common delivery facility, where pilgrims can pick them up. Pilgrims must return their luggage with the receipt they were given when they dropped off their bags.

How to buy online tickets for the TTD Sarva Darshan:

  1. Open the TTD Balaji website and enter your login details.
  2. Choose “Free Darshanam” (Sarva Darshanam) and enter the date and number of people who have seen the page.
  3. Pick a date from the calendar. The system will show both open spaces and spaces that have already been taken.
  4. Next, type in the time, the number of applicants, and any other needed laddus.
  5. If you want to book a room for yourself, click Booking. If you are not a guest, click Booking.
  6. The site will show information about the pilgrim. Click to confirm or change anything.
  7. Choose how you want to pay and enter the amount you owe.
  8. The system will send the visitor a PDF receipt of payment that includes information about them.
  9. You can download or print the information and bring it to the door so it can be checked.

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