Tirumala TTD Thulabharam Booking Timings Process Online Cost

Know the latest details about the Tirumala TTD Thulabharam Booking Timings Process Online Cost, Tirumala TTD Thulabharam Timings and Booking Process

Srivari Thulabharam is a unique service that can be done by devotees inside the temple at Tirumala. Srivari Thulabharam’s early history goes back to the time of Sibi Chakravarthy, who weighs himself and gives the lord every part of his body. The Srivari Thulabharam in Tirumala involves giving things like rice, sugar, jaggery, sugar candy, and coins of the same weight as the person who wants to do the Srivari Thulabharam.

A Hindu ritual called Tulabharam has been done since the Dwapara Yuga. Tulabharam means that a person weighs themselves on a scale and gives God the same amount of gold, fruits, or grains when their prayers are answered.

Tirumala TTD Thulabharam Booking Timings Process Online Cost

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The TTD has made the Thulabharam process in Srivari Temple easier and more convenient for both the devotees and the Institution. Now, you don’t have to carry rice bags or Jaggery into the temple of Lord Venkateswara and give them to the god based on their weight to keep a promise to the god.

The price of a TTD SRIVARI THULABHARAM ticket:

  1. To do Srivari Thulabharam, you don’t need to buy an extra ticket or pay extra money.
  2. One can do Srivari Thulabaram with any ticket once they are inside the temple grounds.
  3. For Srivari Tulabaram no Pre-Booking or Online Booking is needed.

Tirumala TTD Thulabharam Timings:

  • Available 24/7
  • There are no time limits
  • No separate entry
  • After entering the Mahadwaram, in Srivari Padikavali, those who are going through the darshan lines, no matter what they are (300/- entry, free darshan, or divya darshan), will be able to see the Lord.


The steps for the Srivari Thulabharam have been made as easy as possible. The goal of the Srivari Thulabharam is to give something to the pilgrim that is equal to his weight, based on what the pilgrim wants. Rice, Jaggery, Sundar Candy, and Coins are some of the things that can be found. Srivari Thulabharam can be done by anyone of any age.

  1. If a pilgrim wanted to do Srivari Thulabharam, they had to leave the line and talk to someone near Padi kavali.
  2. How you weigh your donations depends on what you want to give away.
  3. The procedure is run by TTD and two banks that are owned by the government. TTD accepts only cash and fixed forms of payment.
  4. If you brought the coins with you, you can put them in the temple hundi after they have been weighed. But you shouldn’t do this because the TTD gives you the coins.
  5. When you get to the venue, the staff will weigh you and give you a receipt with your weight, the price of the item you want to weigh, and the price of the object. 
  6. For example, if a pilgrim wants to be weighed against jaggery, the receipt will show the price of jaggery and the person’s weight based on the market price. If its weight is measured in coins, the same amount will be written on the receipt.
  7. The pilgrim has to go to the counter, which is run by two government-run banks, and pay the amount listed on the receipt.
  8. Once you’ve paid, you can go back to Thulabharam, where the staff will weigh you with the actual material you chose to weigh, which will then be given to TTD.
  9. If the pilgrim wants to weigh against coins, one kg of Rs.1 is worth Rs.202, one kg of Rs.5 is worth Rs.565, and one kg of Rs.2 is worth Rs.332.
  10. After the weighing, the pilgrims can get back in line for Darshan.

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