Tirumala Vasavi Bhavan Room Booking Online Phone Number

Know the details about the Tirumala Vasavi Bhavan Room Booking Online Phone Number, Tirumala Vasavi Bhavan Room Booking Online Phone Number

What is Vasavi Bhavan and where is it situated ?

Vasavi Bhavan can be found in India at Shubham Rd, Tirumala, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517504,

The majority of visitors to the Tirumala shrine desire to remain at Tirumala while in the Lord’s presence. The TTD built numerous rest homes in Tirumala specifically for this reason. In Tirumala, there are countless rest houses. 

Once there is a room quota available, pilgrims can reserve lodgings online. These temples were only erected by the TTD with donations from visitors and benefactors.

In addition to the TTD, there are numerous rest stops that were constructed by nonprofits and for-profit businesses. Vasavi Bhavan is one of them. In Tirumala, there is a building called the Vasavi Bhavan that has room for hundreds of people each day. The Vasavi Bhavan at Tirumala is very next to the temple, and pilgrims can walk the 10 minutes from there to the shrine.

Tirumala Vasavi Bhavan Room Booking Online Phone Number

Availability of TTD Online Room Bookings 

To all visitors to Tirumala who are devotees, TTD offers TTD Online Room Booking Availability. This article provides a detailed summary of the various accommodations that TTD offers.

For devotees who are unable to stay in Tirumala or Tirupati, TTD offers free TTD Online Room Booking Availability. Additionally, they built free locker facilities and public amenities complexes for pilgrims at Tirumala. Tirumala accommodations are determined by the number of visitors on a given day.

Chart for TTD Accommodation Availability

Free Tirumala Hotel Reservations

TTD Online Room Availability For free lodging, pilgrims can get in touch with the CRO office that is closer to the Tirumala bus stop.

Some lodgings in Tirumala were constructed by TTD at no cost, and there are no water or power fees.

What is Vasavi Bhavan Tirumala’s phone number?

  • You might give this number a try: +918772277682
  • The Vasavi Bhavan Tirumala’s coordinates
  • Dimensions: 13.6860568346
  • Dimensions: 79.3458795233

Online Reservation for Vasavi Bhavan Tirumala Rooms:

  • Both online and offline reservations for accommodations at Tirumala Vasavi Bhavan are available to pilgrims. 
  • The pilgrims must first get in touch with the Vasavi Bhavan administrators in Tirumala in order to register accommodations at Vasavi Bhavan online.
  • The pilgrims must confirm that there are lodgings available on the days they require.
  •  If there are still rooms available, pilgrims will be required to make a small online payment as confirmation.
  • The accommodations will be reserved for the pilgrims once they pay the advance sum.
  • Only the most basic amenities and conveniences will be available in the rooms at Vasavi Bhavan Tirumala.
  • The pilgrims could head straight to Vasavi Bhavan Offline and make a reservation.But because it’s a first come, first served basis, the rooms could not be available.
  • The pilgrims can reach the rest homes by phone at (877) 227-7682 and (9410) 227-9327.Upon Arrival Accommodation

TTD Online Room Booking Information and Availability :

  1. The cottages are kept clean and have housekeeping services available through TTD Online Room Booking Availability. 
  2. The CRO office at Tirumala is accessible around-the-clock and charges Rs 100 per day for reservations for both AC and non-AC rooms. 
  3. Mutt lodges are highly recommended since the rooms are kept in good condition.

Here is a list of cottages close to the temple, excluding the TTD cottages:

  • Temple of Sri Vallabhacharya
  • Uni Mutt
  • the mutt known as Sri Kanchi Kamokoti
  • Raghavendra Swamy Mutt in Mantralaya
  • Temple of Sri Tirumala Kashi
  • India’s Arya Vysya Samajam SVRAVTS Charities run by Arya Vysya Gubba
  • Hathiramji Mutt Sri
  • Srirangam Ashram of Srimad Andavan
  • Ahobila Sri Mutt
  • Temple of Sri Sringeri Shankara
  • The temple of Sri Sringeri
  • Tridando Ramanujajeeyar Mutt, Sri Sri


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