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The ancient and revered temple of Sri Venkateswara may be found atop the seventh peaks of Venkatachalalam, in the sacred Seshachalam ranges, and it is situated on the southern banks of Sri Swami Pushkarini. The Temple is home to a majestic deity of Lord Venkateswara that measures seven feet in height and has been drawing in millions of worshippers as well as tourists. A large shrine measuring 415 feet in length and 263 feet in width, the Srivari Temple was constructed in 1200 BC and sprawls across a few acres of land

. The shrine of Lord Venkateswara is surrounded by three prakaras, which are essentially enclosures. The metal sealing is at least a thousand years old. Along the length of his temple is a series of separate chambers that are used for storing his ornaments, holy silks, fresh garlands, and sandal wood grinder. In addition to a Potu, which is a type of kitchen, where devotees can get their prasadam in the form of laddus, there is also a special kitchen where the naivedyam, or daily food, of the Lord is prepared on a round-the-clock basi.

Tirupati Temple Marriage Procedure Contact Online Booking

Tirupati Temple Marriage Details

TTD Kalyana Vedika Marriages are performed on Tirumala by the TTD board for Hindu couples. Make an application to have your marriage registered in Tirumala. Make reservations for the Kalyanamandapam, marriage halls, and guest house for accommodation. Also make reservations for the purohit and darshan. Kalyanotsavam Check now for available tickets for newlywed couples visiting Tirumala.

In terms of the number of pilgrims that visit it each year, the Tirumala – Sri Venkateswara Swamy temple is currently the largest and most well-known temple in the world. In recent years, both the physical infrastructure and the facilities available to devotees have achieved new heights on every front. Kalyanotsavam is considered a daily service since Lord Srinivasa is considered to be the ceremonial lord of marriage.There is a widespread belief that being married on this holy hill will bring the couple the blessings of Lord Venkateswara Swamy throughout their married life. Please inform us about the booking process for the marriage slot at Tirumala’s E Kalyana vedika.

Procedure To Book Marriage At Tirupati Temple

Both the bride and the groom are required to be members of the Hindu religion, and both sets of parents must give their blessing to the union. The applicants must be at least 18 years old (for the bride) and 21 years old (for the groom).

  • At the time of application, you will be required to present certificates and identification proofs. Aadhar cards and voter identification cards are examples of acceptable proofs of residency.
  • In the event that the parents are not present at the time of the marriage, Guardians are able to stand in for them provided they provide the necessary evidence of their relationship with the Marrying Couple.
  • Group ceremonial marriages can also be performed if there is sufficient demand and a sufficient number of couples who have applied to be married on a specific muhurtam.
  • After the wedding is over, a Seegra Darshan, which costs 300 rupees and is performed for six individuals, including the newlywed couple, any guardians or parents of either party, is given.
  • As a token of goodwill and a blessing for the happy couple, the Lord’s Prasadams, Pasupu, and Kumkum are bestowed upon them.
  • A certificate of registration of a marriage can be obtained from the office.

Both behind the main temple and at the entrance to Vaikuntam-I are where you’ll find the Marriage Halls. The Kalyanavedika is where multi-family weddings take place. Because the Kalyanotsavam is done on a daily basis to the primary deity, the marriage ceremony can take place regardless of the date or time that the Muhurtham specifies. It is a common belief that a prosperous future awaits the happy couple who chooses to exchange vows in the holy city of Tirumala.

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