Tirupati Thirumangalyam Prarthana Vivaham Marriage Procedure

Know The Details About Tirupati Thirumangalyam Prarthana Vivaham Marriage Procedure, Timings, Costs, Pooja Items, And More Information

These days, necklaces are often worn as a way to make a fashion statement. Nevertheless, for Indian ladies, there is a special necklace that symbolizes the sacred relationship that is shared between husbands and wives.

There are several names for it, including Thali and Thirumangalyam. Even though the designs of Thalis have evolved throughout the centuries, the divine meaning of the container has remained the same.

Tirupati Thirumangalyam Prarthana Vivaham Marriage Procedure

The most important ceremony that takes place at a Hindu wedding is when the Thali is wrapped around the neck of the bride. This ceremony would be analogous to the passing of the rings that are customary in Western marriages. As the celebratory couple gets showered with petals, loud music, and cheers can be heard in the background.

A pendant made of gold that is strung around a thali’s long golden thread serves as a symbol of the Supreme Goddess. On the other hand, most brides these days choose a gold chain rather than a yellow thread for their weddings. It is imperative that you inquire about the bride’s preferences. North Indian ladies often accessorize their necks with a mangal sutra, also known as a necklace.

  • The tradition of getting remarried to the same person is one that is suggested by astrologers and is known as Thirumangalyam.

Significance of Thirumangalyam:

  • Utilizing a Thali might make it simpler to maintain a healthy blood pressure reading for women.
  • It is a common misconception that maintaining normal blood pressure may be accomplished by putting the Thali directly on the skin.
  • On a necklace of black and gold beads, the gold beads represent Parvati, while the black beads represent Shiva.
  • The necklace is called a mala. Each bead is meant to represent a distinct emotion and the amount of effort that goes into maintaining a healthy marriage.
  • The gold in a wedding It is thought that the bride and her family would be blessed with happiness, money, and good fortune after the ceremony.
  • It is also believed that the Thali may save its possessor from the harm that might be produced by an evil person’s sight.
  • The mysterious energies contained inside the black beads provide protection for the mother, as well as her husband and their children.

Thirumangalyam Prarthana Vivaham Is Performed When:

  • Even though the Muhurtham Date and Time are considered very significant, there are still some people who choose to be married on an incorrect day.
  • Those individuals whose horoscopes predict that they will have a subsequent wedding
  • The married lives of the couple were thrown into disarray.
  • Their marriage has a lot of issues that need to be addressed and resolved before it can be considered successful.

Tirupati Thirumangalyam Prarthana Vivaham Marriage Procedure

Thirumangalyam Prarthana Vivaham Procedure:

  • The couple will marry again and go through the same motions as before.
  • The ceremony is expected to last for between two and three hours.
  • We will provide a Purohit, a Nadaswaram, and anything else you need for the Pooja.
  • It is not possible to have a Darshan without first having a Mangalayam (Thali) placed in the Hundi.
  • Tickets for Darshan need to be reserved on an individual basis.

Preparations and arrangements required for the Pooja:

  • Room Available for Rent / Space Is Limited
  • 1 intended for Purohit
  • The equivalent of three or four Nadaswarams
  • Articles for Pooja
  • Refreshed Garb (which means that the followers will have to carry it)
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided to all the people visiting at the respective times.

Documentation required for Thirumangalyam:

  • The Certificate of Marriage
  • Both the bride’s and groom’s Aadhar cards are required for the wedding.

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