Tiruvalangadu Temple History Timings Details Cost Contact

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Thondai Nadu’s 15th Shiva Sthalam, and one of the 276 Devara Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalams in all of India.
This temple’s form of Shiva is known as a Swayambumurthi (self-manifested).
Lord Natarajar is said to have danced against Kali, the Hindu goddess of death, at one of five locations around the world.

This temple’s Natarajar hall is referred to as the “Rathna Sabhai” (Gem hall). Every single “Moovar” has performed a pathakam at one of the 44 Paadal petra thalami. Also included is a translation of Karaikkal Ammaiar’s “Mootha Thirupathigam,” a poem she wrote about Shiva the main tower (Rajagopuram) of this temple has five levels.

Tiruvalangadu Temple History Timings Details Cost Contact

God Siva is honoured at the Tiruvalangadu Temple. All five of His holiest locations have their own unique visions of the Court hall where the Lord is dancing in ecstasy. The Sabah or Court Hall in Tiruvalankadu is referred to as the “one studded with gems” (Ratna Saba), while those in Chidambaram, Madurai, and Tirunelveli are reported to be made of silver, copper, and gold, respectively.

Kurralam is simply known as “the Chitra Saba” (of wood with architecture). There was a time when this area was famous for its abundance of banyan trees.The two Asuras Nimba and Sumba were the sources of much fear in Tiruvalangadu. On Mount Kailash, the wise people cried out to Siva about how they had been treated. After Goddess Parvati’s compassion for the Sages, Kali and her legion of terrifying demons were born. Kali travelled to Alangadu, where she slaughtered Asuras and drank their blood.

Tiruvalangadu Temple History Timings Details Cost Contact And Overview

This temple was likely first built sometime between the Chola and Pallava periods. The temple dates back thousands of years. There are a number of stone inscriptions in this temple, dating from the reign of King Paranthaka Chola-I to that of the final king of Vijayanagaram.

This area of the hamlet, which includes this temple, was formerly known as Pazhayanur, and the spot itself was known as Alangadu. This location, known in the Devara Hymns as “Pazhayanur Alangadu,” is a popular subject of praise. Executive Officer/Joint Commissioner of the Thiruthani Murugan Temple administers this religious institution.

History of the Tiruvalangadu Temple

According to the myth, a wise man named Sunanda lived in the Himalayas and longed to see Lord Siva perform his heavenly dance. The Lord heard his supplications and told him to do penance in Tiruvalangadu so that he could have his wish granted. Sage obeyed and did penance for so long that he was eventually uncovered by a termite-caused pile of loosened sands on which a species of reeds named Munjam had begun to grow.

It was then that Munjikesa decided to summon the wise man. Also, it is believed that the poison from the Karkotaka serpent, which rests on Siva’s hand, was released onto His hand. The Lord decreed that the serpent should make its way to Tiruvalangadu, where the sage was meditating and promised to bestow his favour upon it when He bestowed upon the Sage a glimpse of His divine dance. An old wives’ tale has it that Vyakrapathar and Pathanjali Munivar are two names for the same person, the Sage.

Where may one find directions to the Tiruvalangadu Temple?

  • By Plane, The airport that is the closest to the city is located in Chennai, which is 64 kilometres away.
  • When travelling by train, the closest station is located in Tiruvallur, which is 16 kilometres away.
  • By way of the road, Tempe may be reached quickly and easily from both Tiruvallur and Chennai.

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