Top 10 Munnar Hill Station Must Best Sight Seeing Places

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British tourists enjoyed summer vacations in Munnar under the British Raj. The tourist Centre is in Old Munnar, while the bus station and most hotels are in New Munnar. Munnar is 1,500–2,695 metres (4,900–8,842 ft.) above sea level. “Moon-aar” is short for “moonu aar,” meaning “three rivers.” The Madupetti, Nallathanni, and Periavaru rivers all merge outside of Munnar, however they all pass through the city.

The British founded many of Munnar’s famed tea farms. Tata produces “Kannan Devan” tea here.Malayalam speakers call the strobilanthus “neelakurinji” here. It bloomed between August and October 2018. Visitors were allowed to 2,750 per day at peak bloom in Eravikulam National Park, where most Neelakurinji flowers. Munnar’s highest mountain is 2,695-metre Anamudi.

Top 10 Munnar Hill Station Must Best Sight Seeing Places

  1. Echo Point: Because the puffy clouds float and roll down the hilltops, Echo point in Munnar is a great spot for a hike, a stroll, or a boat ride. This scene, which is frequently captured in photographs and used to promote the attractiveness of Munnar, is one of the reasons why Echo point is such a popular tourist destination. People will shout at the top of a mountain at an elevation of 600 metres above sea level only to hear their own voice reverberate back to them, and then they will chuckle and laugh in surprise.
  2. Attukad Falls: Visitors seeking a thrill will love the trek to Attukad Waterfalls, one of Munnar’s four most famous waterfalls, since the journey there winds through a forested mountainside and leaves them feeling chilly the whole way. Bring your bathing suit since the pool at the base of the waterfall is deep enough to swim in. If waterfalls are at the top of your “places to see in Munnar” list, you should definitely go there during the monsoon.
  3. Eravikulam National Park: Located on a peak in the Western Ghats, the Eravikulam National Park can be reached from Munnar in about an hour and a half by car. The 97-kilometer-long stretch of land is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Munnar. Home to a wide variety of plant and animal species, it is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  4. Kundala Lake :After around 20 kilometres of driving, you’ll reach Top Station and its lovely mirror lake. One of the main attractions in Munnar, the Top Station offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including lush green hill slopes, a majestic sunrise, the unparalleled beauty of cherry blossoms, and a blue blanket of the famous Neelakurinji flowers, which bloom only once every twelve years.
  5. Chokramudi peak :You can spend hours at just one spot on this secluded hilltop. Chokramudi, in the Eravikulam National Park, rises to an elevation of 7,200 feet above sea level. Due to its location inside a national forest, this short and simple trip is hidden from view by the dense, verdant Shola trees.
  6. Mattupetti Indo Swiss Farm: In Kerala, the Indo-Swiss initiative launched Mattupetti Dairy farm, popularly known as the Indo-Swiss farm. To better the state’s livestock production, the Indo-Swiss initiative began in 1963 and has since been dedicated to the development and study of cattle. Mattupetti is a small, picturesque town that is well-known for its verdant landscapes and woodlands, for which it is also known as “cattle village.”
  7. Lakkom Waterfalls: This waterfall is part of the Eravikulam National Park and may be seen along the route that leads from Munnar to Udumalapettai. The Eravikulam stream, which is located around 30 kilometres away from Munnar, is where everything gets started. By following a narrow trail that winding through a thick tea plantation, you will get the opportunity to get a close-up view of this natural beauty. If you put your foot down into the water below, you’ll be able to see the rocks that it’s perched on quite well.
  8. Anamudi:Anamudi peak (8842 ft.) is the most visited location in Munnar since it is the tallest mountain in South India. A trip to Munnar, where you may go trekking through the foggy paths of Rajamalai (Eravikulam) National Park and see what are sometimes referred to as “the Himalayas of South India,” might bring on a feeling of pure bliss. One of the top things to do in Munnar, this location is a paradise for anybody who appreciates the outdoors, whether they are nature lovers, wildlife watchers, mountaineers, trekkers, or photographers.
  9. Kolukkumalai: The highest tea garden in the country is located in Munnar and is known as Kolukkumalai. The estate can only be reached by automobile, and guests will get guided tours of the facility as well as the neighboring tea plantations as part of their stay. It is possible that the high altitude is responsible for the distinctive flavor of Kolukkumalai tea.
  10. Seven mallay Tea Estate:The Tata Tea Company has been operating the Sevenmallay Tea Estate since its founding in 1900. Munnar’s huge tea estates cover hundreds of acres and seem like heaven. The land is made even more endearing by the presence of a tiny, beautiful house at its very center. The estate store also sells its own line of tea.

Munnar Hill Station Best Sight Seeing Places

Malayalam, the language of Kerala, is the official language spoken in Munnar. This city also has a sizable Tamil-speaking population. Due to its status as a popular travel destination, the local populace often has a working knowledge of the English language.

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