Top 5 Places to Visit Near Alampur Jogulamba Temple

Know the details about the Top 5 Places to Visit Near Alampur Jogulamba Temple, Places to visit near Jogulamba Temple

Top Jogulamba Gadwal Attractions for Tourists:

The Telangana state is home to the Jogulamba Gadwal district. Along with the state borders between Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the district is surrounded by the districts of Narayanpet and Wanaparthy.

Top 5 Places to Visit Near Alampur Jogulamba Temple

Top Destinations in Jogulamba Gadwal:

 Dam Of Jurala

The Priyadarshini Project, also known as the Jurala Project, is situated 10 kilometres from Kurvapur hamlet in the Telangana district of Mahabubnagar. The reservoir is above the Krishna River and is 1045 feet deep. In 1995, this power plant, with a capacity of 11.94 TMC, began operating. Here, water from both sources—the KuravpurKshetra River and this project—join. Jurala is situated between Atmakur and Gadwal, around 60 kilometres from Mahabubnagar’s capital.

By catching a train from Gadwall and then travelling 20 kilometres to the project, you may reach the Jurala Dam. The Mahabubnagar district serves as the entrance to Telangana for the Krishna River.

For the Thummilla Lift, irrigation In Telangana State, India’s Jogulamba Gadwal district, there is a lift irrigation project called the Thummilla Lift Irrigation Project.

783 crore Indian rupees will be spent on its construction. Phase I of the project planned to be concluded by June 2018. It is governed by the Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme. 

Dam Rajoli

Four (4) tmcft of water were allotted by the Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal-2 in 2013 for the building of the RDS right bank canal in the Kurnool district.

It would provide additional water, allowing for the irrigation of more area in the lowlands of the Kurnool district as well as the uplands of the Raichur and Mahboobnagar districts. It is feasible to feed the 150-year-old K. C. Canal, the current Rajolibanda left bank canal, and the existing Tungabhadra left bank canal in Raichur district with dependable Krishna river water rather than unreliable Tungabhadra river water.

Temple of Hanuman at Beechupally

Beechupally is home to one of the most well-known Hanuman shrines (Anjaneya Swamy). It is located in the JOGULAMBA GADWAL district of Telangana, along the banks of the Krishna River, and has been given the new title of National Highway 44 (India).

At first, the shrine was made up of a Shiva lingam temple next to the river and a Hanuman temple some 200 metres away. The Shiva lingam temple is reached by the water flow during the rainy season. In 1992, a temple dedicated to Lord Rama was also constructed nearby. For the convenience of worshippers, a number of ghats were constructed for pushkara snanam, an annual holy bath. Since then, it has kept growing in development. The temple was improved with more amenities in 2004 pushkaras, making it one of the main locations for pushkara snanam.

Gadwal Fort Historic Category

Gadwal is a city and the administrative centre of the Telangana state of India’s Jogulamba Gadwal district.

It is a state assembly district and is 188 kilometres (117 miles) from Hyderabad, the state capital. In the past, Gadwal functioned as the seat of government for Gadwal Samsthanam, a vassal state of the Nizam of Hyderabad. Gadwal was formerly a part of Hyderabad-Raichur Karnataka’s area

Jogulamba Alampur Devi

On the banks of the Tungabhadra River, in the state of Telangana, is the tranquil town of Alampur. The western entrance to Srisailam is thought to be in Alampur. Architecture from the Badami Chalukyan style may be seen in this spectacular temple and the nearby ruins of other ancient temples

The area was ruled by numerous dynasties from South India. In the Jogulamba temple, the primary deities are Jogulamba and Balabrahmeshwara. Among the 18 shakti peetams in the nation, Goddess Jogulamba is regarded as the fifth Shakti Peeta.

 This image depicts the goddess Jogulamba lounging on the body while wearing a scorpion, frog, and lizard on her head. She is depicted as a furious goddess in a nude avtar with her tongue extended; as such, she is known as Jogulamba. This goddess bestows Siddhi in yoga.


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