Trikoteswara Swamy Temple Kotappakonda History Details

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The Temple of Trikoteswara Swami Lord Siva is honoured with a temple in Kotappakonda. The Tirunallu (festival) will be observed in a spectacular manner. This sacred gathering is attended by hundreds of thousands of worshippers. The Hindu deities Siva, Vishnu, and Brahma inspired the naming of these hills as the Trinity. This is how TriKoteswara Swamy got his name. The shrine may be found on a hill 1587 feet above ground level.

According to the tales, Prajapati Daksha’s daughters married the gods, with the exception of Prajapati Daksha’s youngest daughter, Sati, who went against her father’s wishes and married Lord Siva. The relationship between Daksha and Lord Siva, his son-in-law and heir, was strained. Daksha made the decision to offend Lord Shiva by performing a Yajna, and in order to do so, he invited all of the gods and goddesses, with the exception of Lord Shiva, to participate in their gifts.

Trikoteswara Swamy Temple Kotappakonda History Details

After learning the facts of the Yajna, Sati made the decision to go to her mother’s home, despite the fact that she had not been invited. Sati took the rebukes personally and ultimately committed suicide by setting herself on fire in the Yogagni fire that she had created. Siva, infuriated by this, gave the command to Veerabhadra to put an end to the Daksha Yagna. Together with Kali and the other Siva Ganas, Veerabhadra was responsible for destroying the Yajna and for Daksha’s death. In order to achieve mental tranquilly, Lord Siva performed penance on this hill, which is now known as Maheswara Sikhara. Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma performed a sacrifice for Lord Siva on the other two hills in this area in order to bring Lord Siva back to Kailash. As a result of the sacrifice, Lord Siva was moved to accept their request. After hearing Vishnu’s wish to conduct Abhishekam, Lord Siva pierced the mountain with his sword Trishul, made a pool, and then presented himself as Vishnu Sikhara. Vishnu’s request was granted (mountain). After cleansing himself in this sacred Tirtha, Vishnu next performed the ritual of abhisheka. It is a religious practise to take a dip in this sacred Tirtha, since it is thought that doing so would cleanse one of their sins.

Trikoteswara Swamy Temple Kotappakonda History Details

Anandavalli, an ardent devotee of Lord Siva, is said to have performed daily Abhishekam to the Linga that is located on this hill, according to another legend that is related with this temple. Once upon a time, Anandavalli made a request to the Lord to build at her residence so that she may carry out Poojas on a regular basis despite her inability to travel for great distances. Siva granted her wish, but only on the condition that he make his presence known at the location where she would eventually retreat. As Lord Siva stepped into the Brahma Sikhara, it caused enormous noises to be produced. When Anandavalli was concerned about Lord Siva, she went back. In accordance with the prophecy, Lord Siva materialised himself atop Brahma Sikhara, and Anandavalli also transformed into a statue.

Trikoteswara Swamy Temple Kotappakonda History Details

Visitors to the temple have the option of staying at either Narasarao Peta, which is located 12 kilometres away, or Chilakaluri Peta, which is located 10 kilometres away. At this time, there are no sleeping quarters provided in Kotappakonda.

How To Reach Trikoteswara Swamy Temple Kotappakonda?

By Air
Vijayawada, which is the closest airport, is about 108 kilometres away from the temple.

By Train
The temple is located 16 kilometres away from the Narasaraopet railway station, which is the closest station to it. The temple is located 55 kilometres distant from Guntur.
By Road
Both Narasaraopet and Chilakaluripet provide access to the bus that travels directly to the temple. The temple is located 9 kilometres away from Chilakaluripet and 16 kilometres away from Narasaraopet.

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