Udupi Temple Trust Accommodation Hotels Booking Price Info

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The Sri Krishna Temple of Udupi is a popular destination for visitors to South India. Thousands upon thousands of worshippers visit this holy city each year to pay their respects to Lord Krishna. The local Krishna statue has a reputation for being stunning. The infant form of the Hindu god Krishna is seen here (Balakrishna).

Udupi is sometimes referred to as “South India’s Mathura” (referring to the city of Mathura in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, where Lord Sri Krishna was born). During the 13th century, Sri Madhwacharya (a well-known Vaishnava Saint) founded the Udupi Sri Krishna temple and Matha (Monastery) dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Udupi Temple Trust Accommodation Hotels Booking Price Info

  • LED lights for sleeping; parking; flush toilets; constant hot water; surveillance cameras; western-style plumbing
  • Hotel Sri Admar Mutt Udupi, New, Guesthouse
  • The rates for a family of three are as follows
  • Air-Conditioned Room, Rs.1,000
  • Udupi, near the Rajangana Palace
  • The main temple is a mere 200 metres away.
  • Location assignments The counter is available around the clock
  • Couples who are not married or related are not permitted to stay in the room.
  • There will be zero tolerance for anything other than vegetarian fare, alcohol, and tobacco products.
  • You must make your reservation at the front desk to reserve a room.
  • Proof of identity with a photo is required to reserve a room.
  • Single occupants are not permitted to stay in this room.
  • Assignment of lodgings is made on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • There is no need to notify guests in advance if the room rate changes.

Approximately 9 km away from Udupi lies the pristine Malpe Beach. The port and fishing harbour plays an essential role in the economy of Karnataka. The wide swath of golden sand, the gracefully swinging palm trees, the pure blue sky, and the soft murmur of the water all combine to provide the ideal setting for a relaxing vacation.

Berches Near Udupi Temple:

  • Maravanthe Beach (54 km): With the beautiful Kodachadri Hills as a background to the Sauparnika River on one side and kilometres of unspoilt white sand on the other, Maravanthe has the appearance of a fairyland. On one side of the beach in Maravanthe in Coastal Karnataka lies the Arabian Sea, while on the other is the Souparnika River.
  • Kapu Beach:┬álocated 12 kilometres away. There is a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea from Kapu’s broad stretches of sandy beach. Kapu’s beach and the surrounding vegetation are the main draws for the many visitors that flock there to enjoy the tropical warmth and diverse array of attractions.
  • Pithrody Beach:on Udyavar The wide expanse of land between the river and the sea at Udyavar Beach is a major draw for visitors.
  • Padubidri Beach: is located 24 kilometres away, and it is a great place to relax in the shade of the coconut palms and take in the salty sea air. Padubidri beach is the ideal place to unwind and have fun because of its peaceful atmosphere.
  • Kodi Beach:┬álocated about seven kilometres from Kundapura, is a popular destination for those seeking a quiet place to watch the sunset.

Udupi Temple Trust Accommodation Hotels Booking Price Info:

  • Tobacco products, alcohol, and meat intake are all prohibited.
  • Reservations for this accommodation must be made at the front desk.

Couples who are not married to each other or are not blood relatives are not permitted to share a room at the Udupi Temple Trust. All rooms are double occupancy unless otherwise specified, single occupancy rooms are not guaranteed, and room rates are subject to change without notice.

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