Varanasi Dev Deepawali Tour Package Online Booking Prices

Know the latest details about the Varanasi Dev Deepawali Tour Package Online Booking Prices, Varanasi Dev Deepawali Tour Package

Varanasi Dev Deepawali:

The festival is a big draw for tourists, and many people have said that seeing a million lamps (both fixed and floating) light up the ghats and river in bright colors is a breathtaking sight. On the night of the festival, thousands of devotees from the holy city of Varanasi, the villages around it, and all over the country gather on the ghats of the Ganges to watch the aarti. The local government makes a lot of security plans to keep things running smoothly during the festival.

Except for the aarti at the Dashameshwar Ghat, all buildings and houses are lit with earthen lamps. Almost 100,000 pilgrims go to the riverfront to see how the lamps light up the water. There are 21 young Brahmin priests and 24 young women who do the aarti. Rituals include chanting hymns, beating drums in a rhythm, blowing a conch shell, and lighting a brazier.

Evening boat rides along the riverfront, when all the ghats are lit up with lamps and aarti is being performed, are popular with tourists.

Varanasi Dev Deepawali Tour Package Online Booking Prices

Varanasi Dev Deepawali Tour Package:

Before the lamps were lit, the faces of the Kashi business people who work in the tourism industry had grown. In fact, since Dev Deepawali is coming up, hotels have already been booked. At the same time, budget bookings for 2.5 to 3 lakh rupees for three hours are being made.

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Tourism, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus, has been boosted by the arrival of people from the same country. Hotels have already been booked for about a month, and boat reservations have also gone up.

In Kashi, the holiday of Dev Deepawali will be held on November 19. Because of this, most of the city’s hotels, guest houses, and lodges are all full. Along with this, all the travel vehicles, taxis, etc., are also booked up. While boating on the Ganges, it will also be hard to see the Ganges Ghats because hotels are in charge of booking both small and large boats.

Varanasi Dev Deepawali Tour Package Online Booking and Prices:

  • For the Dev Deepawali festival in the Varanasi temple, there will be a lot of tour packages. Because of this, pilgrims will be booking packages to go to Varanasi.
  • Instead of going to Varanasi on your own, it is best to do the Dev Deepawali tour package. When people buy Dev Deepawali tour packages, they will get everything they need to go to the Varanasi temple and take part in the Ganga harathi. Please note that the price of tour packages will vary depending on who you buy them from.
  • The pilgrims will be able to book Dev Deepawali tour packages from Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. Pilgrims can book the packages and go to Dev Deepawali to take part.
  • Prices for Dev Deepawali will be lower in places that are far away than in places that are close by. Pilgrims can also choose to book their trips online with Dev Deepawali packages. Most companies that sell tour packages will let you book Dev Deepawali packages online.
  • When pilgrims get to Varanasi, they will be able to choose from a number of tour packages, some of which will include the Dev Deepawali Ganga Harathi.

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