Varanasi ISKCON Temple Rest House Online Booking Rooms

Know the details about the Varanasi ISKCON Temple Rest House Online Booking Rooms, ISKCON Guest House Booking Varanasi Timings.

Every every day, millions of people make their way to the Varanasi Temple. In order to pay their respects to the Lord Vishwanath temple in Varanasi, the pilgrims will travel from far and wide. The travelers who make the journey to Varanasi are not able to view the whole city in a single day.

It is possible that the pilgrims may need to spend more than one day in Varanasi in order to see all the city has to offer. Therefore, the pilgrims need to make preparations for their lodging while they are in town. Pilgrims looking for a place to stay on their journey to the Varanasi Temple may choose from a wide variety of rest homes as well as a wide variety of private hotels.

Pilgrims who visit the ISKCON temple in Varanasi, which is situated in that city, may stay in one of the Guest Houses on the premises of the temple. The pilgrims may come to the ISKCON temple and make reservations for the accommodations there, or they can make reservations for the rooms before they ever arrive at the temple. Please be aware that in order for pilgrims to get lodgings supplied by ISKCON, they must first fulfil all of the organization’s standards as well as abide by all of its regulations.

Varanasi ISKCON Temple Rest House Online Booking Rooms

ISKCON Temple Varanasi Room Booking Guest House Online ISKCON Temple Varanasi Room Booking Guest House Online Pilgrims who wish to reserve rooms at ISKCON may book in one of two methods.

Calling one of the ISKCON temples’ phone lines contact number 075053 5674 allows pilgrims to make accommodation reservations at the temple. The pilgrims are responsible for inquiring about the availability of the rooms on the day that they want to make their reservation. Then it is possible that the pilgrims will need to examine whether or not they comply with the rules of ISKCON in order to stay at the Guest House.

Occasionally, lodgings will be offered for the devotees who are life members of ISKCON and are making the pilgrimage. The ISKCON guests may come straight to the temple and make reservations for accommodations there.

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Rest Houses Provided By The Government In Varanasi

  • Railway Retiring Room in Varanasi: 2 Circuit House, Varanasi
  • Govt. Suit: 4 VVIP Suits are Available and 8 VIP Suits are Available
  • It is possible to assign it via the ADM Protocol Office in Varanasi.
  • Phone No.: 0542-2508272
  • The allocation of three Cantonment Board Guest Houses was handled by the CEO Office Cant. Board.
  • Four Forest Guest Houses Have Been Allotted Via the DFO Office
  • The State Engineering Public Works Department in Varanasi has allotted five PWD inspection houses.
  • There are six Irrigation Guest Houses that have been allotted via the Irrigation Department.
  •  The Jal Nigam Guest House was assigned via ADM Protocol 8, while the BSNL Guest House in Varanasi was granted through the GM of Telephone.
  •  B.H.U Guest Houses Have Been Allotted Via the Registrar at BHU, Varanasi
  •  D.L.W Guest Houses Have Been Allotted Via the General Manager of D.L.W in Varanasi
  • Research Centre for Seeds and Vegetables in Central America
  • Varanasi’s Number 12 Guest House, Run by the M.G.K.V.P.
  • Awarded by the Register, M.G.K.V.P., at Varanasi
  • Varanasi’s 13 Guest House of S.S.V.V., located in Varanasi
  • Awarded by Register, S.S.V.V., in the city of Varanasi
  • Guest Houses of the UP Power Corporation Allotted in Varanasi via the MD Power Corporation
  •  Hotels and Pensions Run by a Tourist Organisation
  • High Court Guest House, Varanasi, Allotted via the C.J.M.
  • Near the Varanasi Cantt Office, at Parad Kothi, Cant, just in front of the Varanasi Junction is where you’ll find the 17 U.P. Govt. Tourist Office and Guest House.
  • Sarnath, Varanasi is the location of the 18 Uttar Pradesh Government Tourist Guest House.
  • 19 Branch Office of the Tourism Corporation
  • a) Maharashtra Guest House (b) Karnataka Guest House.
  • (c) West Bengal Guest House. (d) U.P. Govt. Guest House.
  • (e) Bihar Govt Guest House. (f) The Government Guest House of Rajasthan

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