Varanasi Kala Bhairava Temple Opening Closing Timings

Know the details about the Varanasi Kala Bhairava Temple Opening Closing Timings, Kala Bhairava Mandir Varanasi Timings And Booking.

Kashi is widely renowned for its temples and ghats, and the Vishwanath Temple is the most popular destination for Hindu pilgrims that come to the city. However, there are many more temples in Kashi, and all of them retain significant religious and cultural importance. The Kal Bhairav Temple is one of these temples that are ancient and, as a result, are significant to the study of history. Varanasi is supposed to be Shiv Nagari

It is believed that Lord Shiv serves as the monarch of Kashi. Mythologically speaking, Kal Bhairav holds the position of Senapati, or top commander, under Lord Shiv. It is also believed that the worship of Lord Vishwanath cannot be considered finished until the devotion of Lord Kal Bhairav has been performed.

The Kal Bhairav Temple in Varanasi is often visited by devotees who come from all around India. When it comes to giving instructions, Lord Shiva does it via Bhairavnath, also known as Kal Bhairav. Bhairavnath is the deified kotwal or god-magistrate of Varanasi and the large suburbs that surround it. It is assumed that the kotwal would bring any important matters to the attention of his royal lord in a timely way.

Varanasi Kala Bhairava Temple Opening Closing Timings And Best Time To Visit

These watchmen’s duty is to protect the holy city from any harm that may come their way, to fight off any adversaries who may be trying to breach the perimeter of the compound, and to report their findings to the god-magistrate Bhairavnath. In addition, they are responsible for preventing any harm from entering the city.

  • The temple is available for worship from 5:00 the morning until 1:30 the afternoon,
  • As well as from 5:30 in afternoon until 9:30 in the evening.
  • An auspicious day, the eighth day following the full moon day in November, several ceremonies may be seen being performed at temples on this day. Sundays and Tuesdays are revered as being very significant for the god. Annakut, which occurs four days after Diwali, and Shringar are two more prominent festivals that take place at the temple.

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Where Can I Find The Temple Of The Kal Bhairav?

The neighborhood of Visheshar Ganj in Varanasi is where the temple may be found. The temple may be reached by a variety of vehicles, including autos, rickshaws, and others. The Kashi Vishwanath temple may be reached on foot in less than ten minutes.

Varanasi Kala Bhairava Temple Opening Closing Timings

At 5:30 AM temple will open After that, around one o’clock in the afternoon, there will be a break at the temple. After one in the afternoon, the temple will reopen for visitors at three in the afternoon.

  • Sunday          5:30 am-1pm,             Afternoon : 3-10:30pm
  • Monday          5:30 am-1pm,            Afternoon : 3-10:30pm
  • Tuesday         4 am-1pm,                 Afternoon :  3-11pm
  • Wednesday    5:30 am-1 pm,           Afternoon : 3-10:30 pm
  • Thursday        5:30 am-1 pm,           Afternoon : 3-10:30 pm
  • Friday             5:30 am-1pm,            Afternoon : 3-10:30pm
  • Saturday        5:30 am-1pm,            Afternoon : 3-10:30pm

Every day, at 10.30 PM, the doors to the Kala Bhairava Temple are locked for the night. The Kala Bhairava Temple will have different hours of operation on Sunday compared to Tuesday, both when it opens and when it closes. The pilgrims are responsible for making appropriate preparations for the trip. The Kala Bhairava Temple will open early on Sundays and Tuesdays and will remain open until it closes late in the evening. In the Kala Bhairava Temple, there will be a special puja performed on each of these days.

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