Varkala Janardhana Swami Temple Kerala History Contact Info

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The Janardhana Swami Temple, located in the Varkala area of the Trivandrum metropolitan area, dates back more than 2,000 years. ┬áIt’s also known as the Varkala Temple by the locals. It’s possible that Janardhana Swami is another guise of Lord Vishnu. It’s about 25 kilometres north of the city of Thiruvananthapuram, 8.1 kilometres south of the well-known backwater resort Kappil, and 2.2 kilometres from the Varkala Railway Station.

It is well situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea. That part of Asia is known as Dakshin Kashi (Benares of the south. The healing waters of nearby Varkala Beach are utilised to wash the local medicinal plants, hence their closeness to the temple is a major factor in its acclaim. More than that, however, it’s a major Ayurvedic health centre.

Varkala Janardhana Swami Temple Kerala History Contact Info

It is said that when Sage Narada went to Brahma’s abode in Satya Loka, Lord Vishnu unexpectedly materialised from behind him, prompting Brahma to genuflect before him. This event is the subject of a legend. After that, Vishnu disappeared, and the nine prajapathis who were present there made fun of Brahma, the God of Creation, by bowing down to Narada. The Prajapathis made the decision to perform a ceremony in order to make amends after Brahma told them the truth. Brahma instructed them to pay attention to what Narada had to say when he explained the location on Earth where they should do their penance. At last, Sage Narada hurled his Valkalam, which was covered with bark, at a nearby banyan tree.

The Prajapathis make a request to Lord Vishnu to create a sacred lake for them so that they may carry out their rituals there. Vishnu complied with their request and used his disc to build a tirtha, which is also referred to as a “theertha” (Sudarsana Chakra). As a result of Lord Vishnu’s self-manifestation under the banyan tree, the Prajapathis were inspired to build a temple in his honour and devote it to the worship of Vishnu.

Throughout history, this location was chosen by Brahma to host a Yajna sacrifice that he intended to carry out at some point. Vishnu threw it away because the sacrifice participant’s pride increased while he was doing it. He blended in with the other patrons of the restaurant by pretending to be an old Brahman. Before consuming the plantain, it is traditional to sprinkle water three times around the leaf of the plantain. As soon as Brahma heard this, he raced over to the old man and immediately realised that it was none other than Vishnu who had come to teach him a lesson. Brahma knew this because whenever Vishnu did anything like that, the lunch that had been prepared disappeared.

Varkala Janardhana Swami Temple Kerala History Contact Info

Vishnu revealed himself to the people and said, “When my right hand reaches my lips to drink water, it is a sign that the Kaliyuga era has come to an end.” As a result of the fact that Lord Janardhana’s right hand raises a quarter of an inch every 12 years, an annual ceremony known as Astabandha Kalasam is performed in order to rebase the statue.

According to the Brahmanda Purana, the old temple floated away into the ocean and was never found. Following his victory against Brahman, Pandya King came here in search of consolation and ultimately decided to remain. Lord Janardhana appeared to him in his dreams and told him where he might find him. Pandya carried out his duties as an obedient servant by returning the Idol from the ocean and building the temple at the same time.

Ancient Varkala and the Temple that stood there
The inscriptions indicate that King Marthanda Varma was the one who commissioned the construction of the existing temple, which dates back to the 13th century. King Rama Varma of Travancore is credited for renovating both the flag pole and the grounds of the temple.

A memorial ceremony, known as Kshetra Pindara Shraddham, will be conducted each day in honor of cherished family members and friends who have passed away.

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