Vastralankara Seva Melchat Vastram Tirumala Online Booking

Know the latest News about the Vastralankara Seva Melchat Vastram Tirumala Online Booking, Vastralankara Seva Tirumala Online Booking

Vastralankara Seva / Melchat Vastram Seva Tirumala:

Vastralankarana Seva is the most sanctifying rite in the Agamas, conducted every Friday morning to the Moola Virat. Abhishekam was performed initially with milk from T.T.D Dairy, followed by water, Chandam (Sandal paste), Turmeric, Kasturi, Civet-Oil, and Pacha Karpuram (Refined Camphor), all to the accompaniment of Vedic hymns, Purusha Sukta, and mantras.

Darshan was performed after the Lord was clad in a Pattu Peethambaram. A package of Kasturi Chandanam deposited at the feet of Lord and Pacha Karpooram applied as Namam to Lord was handed to the Gruhasthas as Abhisheka Prasadam.

Vastralankara Seva Melchat Vastram Tirumala Online Booking

How Much Does Melchat Vastram Seva Cost in Tirumala?

The cost of this seva is Rs. 12,500/- per ticket, with a maximum of two people allowed per ticket.

Reporting Location and Times:

  • Vastralankarana Seva will begin at 3:00AM. Devotees should congregate at Supadam one hour before the Seva time.
  • Per ticket, two people are permitted.
  • Time to report: 2:30 a.m.
  • VQC I is the reporting location.

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Vastralankarana Seva procedure:

  • Devotees should gather in front of Parakamani, which is located in the sanctum’s north-west corner. 
  • Archaka will have a list of names and will read the names of Vastralankara Seva ticket holders. 
  • Later, empty silver vessels were given to Gruhasthas to be carried in procession around the sanctuary as a token of honour, and they were turned over near the shrine.
  • Ticket holders for the Vastralankara Seva will be seated from the first door. Ladies were seated to the left of the Lord, and gentlemen to the right.

Melchat Vastram Seva Prasadam:

Pilgrims will receive two large laddus and a vada, one blouse piece, one upper cloth, and a chandanam packet.

Current booking procedure for Vastralankarana Seva Tickets:

Melchat Vastram Seva / Vastralankarana Seva cannot be booked online. Vastralankarana Seva is now open for booking. 

  1. Pilgrims should register their names one day in advance, from 11 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the Current Booking Counter, Vijaya Bank, near the Tirumala Central Reception Office. (For Vastralankarana Seva on Friday, pilgrims should register their names on Thursday between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.).
  2. At 5:01pm, TTD will conduct an automated lottery draw based on the available quota for the corresponding seva day and announce the names of successful pilgrims.
  3. Pilgrims (Winners) shall buy seva tickets by paying the appropriate amount and receiving confirmation within 3 hours after the announcement of the computerised lottery result at the present booking counter, Vijaya Bank, Tirumala.
  4. Tickets must be secured by sending a recommendation letter to the J.E.O office at Tirumala one day before the seva date. Once your letter has been accepted, you may pick up your tickets at MBC-34.

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