Wayanad Meenmutty Waterfalls Information Entry Fees

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Meenmutty Falls may be found in the Wayanad District in the Indian state of Kerala, precisely 30 kilometres from the town of Kalpetta. It’s a 300-meter-high waterfall with three distinct drops. The Malayalam word for “fish,” “Meen,” is combined with the word for “nuts,” “Mutty” (blocked).

The route from Mananthavady to Kuttiady will take you there. Many individuals have perished since 1991 because to the excessive flow of Meenmutty Waterfalls during the rainy season. Meenmutty Falls is famous among visitors because the trail to the waterfalls winds through verdant green tea farms.

Wayanad Meenmutty Waterfalls Information Entry Fees

This waterfall has three distinct levels, and it plunges from an elevation of more than 401 feet. From the main Meppadi – Ooty Road, the hike is 2.1 kilometres.
Open from 07:00 AM to 04:00 PM
The months of October, November, December, and January are ideal for a vacation there.

  • Adults are charged 30
  • Children are charged 20 rupees
  • while international visitors pay 60rupees perĀ  person.
  • 75 rupees for Still Camera.

Wayanad Meenmutty Waterfalls Information Entry Fees

Placed atop the western Ghats in the Malabar state of Kerala, Wayanad is a breathtaking hilly region. The bulk of the land is forested, and the population density is low. There are a plethora of hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, dams, tea plantations, and trekking opportunities in the region. There are also several temples and historical sites thrown in for good measure. The district spans over 2,133 square kilometres at an average elevation of 701 metres and a maximum of 2,101 metres at its highest point.

You may find the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to the east and southeast of Wayanad, respectively. Kozhikode District, Kannur District, and Malappuram District comprise its eastern, northern, and southern borders, respectively. Wayanad is a popular weekend getaway for visitors from nearby cities like Bangalore and Mysore.

Wayanad is a district in the southern part of India, and its name comes from the Tamil term “the land of the paddy fields,” which is Vayal Naadu. Both nations have a long and intertwined history, as shown by the fact that many dynasties, like the Kadambas, the Chalukyas, and the Hoysalas, have reigned over both kingdoms. This history explains why there are Jain temples there, despite the fact that there is only a very small community of Jain people living in Kerala at the current time.

Wayanad was the epicentre of a struggle in the 18th century that included the British, Pazhassi Raja (lord of the neighbouring kingdom of Kottayam), and Hyder Ali (and subsequently his son Tipu Sultan). The history of Wayanad is marked by many shifts of political control at various points in time. The hamlet of Sultan Bathery would eventually become the guns of Tipu’s collection’s permanent home. Pazhassi Raja, who was ultimately successful in his rebellion against the British over Wayanad’s status but was ultimately put to death, was laid to rest in this area. After Tipu had already been defeated and executed by the British, this event took place.

Wayanad was part of the Malabar region of the Madras Province while the British governed India, therefore they included it in that region. Formerly referred to as Madras Province, the region that is currently known as Madras State had that name in the past. Because there are so many people in Wayanad who speak Malayali, the state of Kerala decided to expand so that it would include the whole area.

Nearby Attractions to Meenmutty Falls

  • The Point of View of Neelimala.
  • Falls of Soochipara.
  • Located in Kanthapara, the Falls of Kanthapara
  • Mount Chembra.

The majority of the population speaks Malayalam. About half of the population can understand English, although they are not always fluent speakers. Wikipedia says that there are Kannada speakers in Wayanad, but that the language is not generally known there.
Enter the Banasura Sagar Reservoir.
The only method to reach the area is by car since there is no airport or train service there. Kozhikode, almost 100 kilometres distant, is where you’ll find the closest airport and train terminals. There are a few flights to Mysore, but the most practical choice is Bangalore.

Access from other districts of Kerala is difficult due to the mountain crossings or “ghat roads,” although driving in from Karnataka through Mysore or Madikeri is simpler.

From Kozhikode and Mysore, you may take a bus to get here.

From the Bangalore side, nighttime travel is prohibited in the direction of Mysore. Mananthavady does, however, get some late-night traffic.

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