Wildlife Sanctuaries Kerala Entry Charges Timings Tips

Know the Details About Wildlife Sanctuaries Kerala Entry Charges Timings Tips, Contact Information, Location Details 

Kerala is home to a variety of well-known wildlife sanctuaries, which are home to many unique and endangered plant and animal species. There are fourteen wildlife sanctuaries and two tiger reserves in Kerala, all of which are located in the dense forest of the Western Ghats or Sahyadri Ranges. In addition to these, there are additional six national parks in Kerala. Kerala’s wildlife sanctuaries are important because they protect a wide variety of animals and plants, and they provide visitors a chance to see those animals and plants up close and personal in their natural habitats.

Lion-tailed macaque, Nilgiri tahr, leopards, elephants, tigers, civet cats, monkeys, squirrels, and many more species may all be found in these protected areas. Not only do sanctuaries provide refuge for wild creatures, but also for a plethora of different species of birds and butterflies.

Wildlife Sanctuaries Kerala Entry Charges Timings Tips

1. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

About 35 kilometers from Thalassery, on the Western Ghats’ wooded hills, lies the Aralam wildlife sanctuary. Beautiful and diverse plant and animal life may be found in this sanctuary.

Animals including boars, deer, elephants, and bison, as well as cats, leopards, and squirrels of different species, may all be found at the Aralam wildlife sanctuary. The Central State Farm in Aralam Sanctuary is one of the primary hybrid coconut seed-producing facilities in the nation. The Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary may be found in close proximity to the beautiful tourist attraction of Coorg. This protected area is home to a vast range of plant and animal species, making it ideal for individuals who wish to experience nature close up. Inside the sanctuary is also the Central State Farm, India’s primary facility for cultivating hybrid coconut seedlings.

  • December through March is the ideal time to visit.
  • Prices to enter.
  • Prices in Indian Rupees (INR): INR 7 for students and children under 13; INR 7 for students; INR 15 for adults.
  • Other: INR 38 for still cameras, INR 225 for video cameras, INR 75 for cars, and INR 300 for guides; INR 200 per foreigner per person.
  • Schedule: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (All days).
  • Tips: The wildlife refuge has a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol, cigarettes, and plastic bags.
  • Contact Information: 04902493160.

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2. Begur Wildlife Sanctuary

About 20 kilometers from Mananthavady in the Wayanad district lies the Begur wildlife sanctuary, another stunning wildlife preserve surrounded by verdant greenery and thick woods. The sanctuary provides a safe haven for a wide variety of creatures, including elephants, leopards, spotted deer, bison, tigers, bears, and wild boars.

Begur Wildlife Sanctuary, situated on the plateau of the Western Ghats, is home to a wide range of rare and exotic species. One of the most visited wildlife refuges in the state due to its pleasant temperature and beautiful scenery. Various tree species and abundant fauna are signs of a healthy ecosystem.

  • December through May is the ideal time to visit.
  • Cost to enter: 10 Indian Rupees (INR). Visit the official website or contact the toll-free number listed here for further information.
  • Timeframes are as follows: 06:00 – 08:00 and 3:00 – 05:30 (all days).
  • Begur Wildlife Sanctuary Attractions: Jeep tours, hikes in the bush, and other adventures.
  • Tips: A hat, sunscreen, bug repellent, and an additional pair of shoes are all essential items to have on hand. There are no stores or restaurants inside the sanctuary, so be sure to bring enough food and drink for your stay.
  • Contact Information: 08547603561.

3. Tigers of Parambikulam National Park

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is a protected area in the south Western Ghats of Palakkad District, India, and is renowned for its beautiful natural scenery. It was designated as a Tiger Reserve in 2009. An official count conducted in 2010 confirmed the reserve’s claims of a thriving tiger population. More than 250 different bird species make this place a paradise for birdwatchers.

  • October through April is peak season.
  • Light cars are charged INR 50 while big trucks are charged INR 150 to enter.
  • Schedule: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM.
  • The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve offers the following attractions: Activities in the town of Parambikulam include forest safaris, camping, and shopping.
  • Tips: Don’t attempt anything new after 6 o’clock. The tiger reserve is a no-smoking and no-alcohol zone. Visitors to Parambikulam Tiger Reserve should prepare for rain by packing umbrellas and comfortable shoes.
  • Contact Information: 09442201690.

4. Sanctuary for Birds in Mangalavanam

Directly opposite the Kerala High Court is the Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary, sometimes known as the Green Lung of Kochi due to its abundance of exotic bird and butterfly species. Birdwatchers and those interested in nature flock here from near and far.

  • October through March is the best time to come.
  • Schedule: 6:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
  • Attractions and Activities at the Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary: Traveling in the jungle and observing exotic birds.
  • Tips: Bring along mosquito spray and sunblock.
  • Contact Information: 04842397070.

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5. National Park of Mathikettan Shola

This national park in the Idukki area is a location where you may feel the earth swallow you whole. Don’t be surprised if you get lost in the maze-like streets and forget how to get back out again.

  • The months of November through March are ideal for a trip.
  • Working hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Tourists from India pay INR 40, but those from other countries must pay INR 500 to enter.
  • Advice: Bring your own food and water, since there are no services like restaurants inside the national park.

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Wildlife Sanctuaries Kerala Entry Charges Timings Tips

  1. Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary.
  2. Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary.
  3. Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary.
  4. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary.
  5. Sanctuary of Chinnar Wildlife.
  6. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary.
  7. Nature Reserve of Wayanad.
  8. Nagarhole Wildlife.
  9. Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary.
  10. Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary.
  11. Tigers at the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary.
  12. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary.
  13. Pakshipathalam Wildlife Sanctuary.

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