Yadagirigutta Marriage Online Booking Procedure Details Cost

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The Hindu temple of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy (also known as Pancha Narasimha Kshetram and Rishi Aradhana Kshetram) is perched atop a hill in the teeny-tiny town of Yadagirigutta, which is found in the Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district of the Indian state of Telangana. The temple is also known as Pancha Narasimha Within the temple is where one of the incarnations of Vishnu known as Narasimha lives.

The temple underwent a significant amount of construction in 2016 as part of a repair and restoration project, which was completed in March of 2022. The Legend Behind the Temple According to the Skanda Purana, Yada Maharishi, the son of the famed Maharshi Rishyasringa, performed penance here in front of Lord Vishnu when he was in his incarnation as Narasimha. The Lord appeared to him in the forms of Jwaalaa Narasimha, Gandabheranda Narasimha, Yogananda Narasimha, Ugra Narasimha, and Lakshmi Narasimha because he was pleased with his repentance.

Yadagirigutta Marriage Online Booking Procedure Details Cost

The Necessary Paperwork :

  • Aadhar Card with 10th Grade Diploma for the Bride and Groom
  • The Aadhar Card of Both Sets of Parents is Required for the Wedding. Parental absence or late certificate? Substitute family members’ Aadhar cards. Age, photo identification, and residential history verification all need to be verified with original documentation, which should be carried at all times.
  • Simple Wedding Reception Hall Accommodating From 100 To 1500 Guests
  • The price of a wedding hall may range anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000. Close proximity between the reception hall and the eating area.
  • ¬†Additional Requirement :
  • Pujari
  • Plans for Snacks and Meals
  • Setup of Seating
  • Illumination Mandapam Decoration
  • Holy Herbs for Ritual Purposes

Yadagirigutta Marriage Online Booking Procedure Details Cost

The Yadagirigutta Wedding Ritual
You have a whole day and night to use the Wedding Hall. Due to high demand, wedding reception halls book up to three months in advance.There will be enough space for the Bride and Groom to each have their own suite of two bedrooms. The price rises with each additional sleeping space.A confirmation of the hall booking must be brought in order to claim the seat.The hall does not provide the service of marriage registration. The receipt from the venue’s registration desk must be carried to the registration desk.

The great sage Yada Maharishi begged with Lord Narasimha to remain on the mountainside in these guises for all of eternity. Because of this, the main cave of the Lakshmi-Narasimhadeva temple, which is located on the peak, has stone deities representing Narasimha in each of his five incarnations. Throughout its history, the temple has been managed in line with the Thenkalai tradition of Vaishnava Agama Shastras as they are commonly practised in South India.

Sacred Figures in World Religions

The temple is housed in a cavern that is about 30 feet in length and 12 feet in height, and it is located behind the back pillar of the main hall. You make your way to the chamber’s back after descending a flight of stairs that serve as your point of entry. Jwala Narasimha, on the other hand, assumes the shape of a snake, in contrast to Yogananda Narasimha, who is shown in a sitting meditational yoga posture. There are also deities of Lakshmi and Narasimha fashioned of silver, and both their amazing appearance and commanding presence are guaranteed to wow visitors. A shrine dedicated to Hanuman may be seen to the right of the main entrance of the temple.

There is a significant fracture that extends through the granite in a horizontal direction just below Hanuman. It is said that Gandabheranda Narasimha made an appearance at this location. This shrine is quite well-known and frequented. It is said that a visit to this temple would fulfil the desires of every devoted worshipper who comes here. The Garbhagriha, also known as the sanctum sanctorum, is secreted away in a cave and is concealed by a large boulder that slopes downward and takes up one half of the residence.

The Yadadri Temple, a Recently Constructed Building
A new temple is now being built in the same place as the previous one. A temporary temple known as Balalayam was built and put into use so that work on the more permanent temple could continue uninterrupted. After being renovated with the help of the Krishna Sila, the whole Yadadri temple will get a better reputation (Black stone). Telangana’s Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is the one who will officially consecrate the new temple on March 28th, 2022.

Contact Details:

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