Yama Deepam 2022 Date Direction Timings Mantra Tamil

Know the latest Yama Deepam 2022 Date Direction Timings Mantra Tamil. Yama Deepam 2022 Date, Yama Deepam 2022 Date and Timings

On the day before Diwali, people usually light Yama Deepam. If Yama Deepam is lit, everything will go well for the family. Things will get better. Obstacles to getting married will be taken away, and assets will be added. All problems will go away, and chances will come to you on their own.

Your ancestors come to earth in Mahalaya. On Mahalaya Amavasi, you will give them the Tithi. The only light for those who come back is “Yama Deepam.” You should light that Deepam on the Thiryodasi tithi that falls on Diwali.

On Trayodashi Tithi, a Deepak is lit outside the home for Yamaraj, the god of death, to keep family members from dying too soon. For Yamraj, this ritual is called Deepdan. During Sandhya time, the Deepak is lit outside the home. People think that if Deepdan pleases Lord Yama, He will keep family members from dying by accident. Yama Deepa is important for people who are grieving. They will stop giving you trouble and help you.

Yama Deepam 2022 Date Direction Timings Mantra Tamil

Yama Deepam 2022 Date and Timings:

  • Yama Deepam will be on Oct. 22, 2022.
  • Yama Deepam Sayan Sandhya – 06:02 PM to 07:03 PM

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The way to light the lamp:

Yama Deepam should be lit in your home’s highest room. The light should come from the south. After you light the lamp, think for a few minutes about the Hindu sacrificers and your ancestors.

Diwali Yama deepam 2022 direction:

By facing south, holding the hands up, and saying the shlokas, a person can pick up the Yama frequencies coming from the south.

Yama Deepam 2022 Mantra Tamil:

Sri Yamaya Nama

Yamaya Dharma Rajaya

Mrityave Shantha Kayasa Vaivastaya Kalaya 

Sarva Bhutha Kshayaasa Oladumbaraya Datnaya Nilaya Parameshtine

Vrugodaraya chitraya chitraguptaya va nama:

Chitraguptaya Vai Om Nama Ithi

Story of Yama Deepam:

Dhanteras is another name for Yamadeepam. On Yamadeepdaan, a small lamp called a Diya is lit to honour Lord Yama. Yama is worshipped by his followers so that he will keep them safe and sound. This event is seen as very lucky and has the most important meaning for the devotees.

This event is linked to a very interesting story about King Hima’s sixteen-year-old son. According to the story, a snake bite on his fourth day as a married man would kill him. On the fourth day of their marriage, his wife supposedly wouldn’t let him sleep. She put all of her gold and silver jewellery at the entrance to the room and lit small lamps (called Diyas) all around. Then she began singing and telling her husband stories.

So, when Yama came as a snake, the ornaments made his eyes hurt so much that he couldn’t see. So, he couldn’t get into the prince’s rooms. He climbed up the mountain of ornaments and sat there quietly all night to hear the songs and stories. In the morning, he left without any trouble.¬†

So, the wife saved her husband from death. Since Dhanteras became known as Yamadeepdaan. Since then, on this day, which is dedicated to Yama, the god of death, lamps have been lit. Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India. The people of this country celebrate it with the most dedication, happiness, enthusiasm, and passion.

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