Melmaruvathur Pournami Vilakku Online Booking Timings Today

Know the details about the Melmaruvathur Pournami Vilakku Online Booking Timings Today, Pournami Vilakku Puja in Melmaruvathur Timings and Process are Detailed Below.

In the temple, Mother Adhi Parasakthi serves as a swayambhu murti. Women do archanas and pujas in the inner sanctuary. Mother Adhi Parasakthi, who stands three feet tall, is depicted in a sitting position with her right leg on the floor and her left leg resting on the lotus-shaped phallus, signifying her supremacy.A lotus bud is being held by the mother in her right hand. Four hands are historically used in the creation of gods and goddesses. As in the Madurai Sri Meenakshi Amman temple, Mother Adhi Parasakthi can only be seen here with two hands. In places where the Goddess originally performed in a human form, comparable forms—with two hands—are allegedly still in use. A high wisdom knot secures her hair.

On the day of the full moon, the pooja known as Melmaruvathur Pournami Vilakku is conducted. In the temple, a lamp is lit, and the specific pooja is done. The Melmaruvathur Pournami Vilakku Pooja is the name of this ritual.

The pilgrims can pay for this pooja, and it will be performed in their honour. The Pooja won’t be done every day. It can only be seen during Pournami days, or full moon days. 

Melmaruvathur Pournami Vilakku Online Booking Timings Today

The pilgrims can make reservations for the Melmaruvathur Pournami Vilakku online even before the event.

For followers of the Om Shakthi Movement, the Melmaruvathur Temple is a significant temple. The temple serves as the Lord Adhi Parasakthi’s residence. Visitors here affectionately refer to the Lord as Om Shakthi.

The Om Shakthi Movement’s followers revere the Melmaruvathur Temple as a sacred site. Lord Adhi Parasakthi resides in the temple. The Lord is affectionately referred to as Om Shakthi by visitors.

Booking Online Melmaruvathur Pournami Vilakku Pooja Timings

  • Each ticket for the Melmaruvathur Pournami Vilakku costs Rs 500. 
  • The official website offers online reservations for the Melmaruvathur Pournami Vilakku for the pilgrims.
  • The pilgrims must select Pooja and Donations after visiting the website mentioned above. The next step is for the pilgrims to choose Pournami Vilakku. When that happens, the pilgrims will go to the registration page.
  • The OTP and pilgrims’ mobile numbers can be used to register. Upon completion of registration by the pilgrims.
  • The Melmaruvathur Pournami Vilakku pooja can be reserved by the pilgrims.
  • The date of the Melmaruvathur Pournami Vilakku pooja must first be provided by the pilgrims. Only on the full moon day will the pilgrims be given the dates. The travellers must then complete all of the pilgrim information. Once this is finished, the pilgrims can pay for the puja online.
  • The pilgrims will receive a receipt once the payment has been confirmed. The pooja will be performed at the temple on the full moon day that the pilgrims have chosen. The pooja is optional for the pilgrims; they are welcome to simply visit the temple for it.

The Daily Schedule

  • The devotees wearing red clothing are typically the ones serving in the Siddhar Peetam. They arrive
  • provide services from distant locations, then depart for home. Each of the priests entered the sanctum sanctorum to serve.
  • Mandrams, or weekly worshipping centres, are given a day and informed properly in advance. Consequently, all
  • In order to provide the greatest service, mandrams compete with one another. Abhishekam in the temple each day
  • At 4:00 a.m., sanctum sanctorum is performed. The Mother’s idol is then adorned after this aradhana. 
  • The devotees are then given the blessed Prasadam (result of the prayer) of the Mother.
  • All incoming devotees receive complimentary food every day at approximately 11:00 AM. Additionally, with the new moon
  • Adigalar receives a particular welcome on new moon and full moon days, when a substantial amount of free food is distributed.


People flock to the temple in prayer for complete success in life. Devotees carry Irumudi and offer Shakti Mala garlands.

They perform the Anga Pradakshina, rolling around the prakara, in accordance with the Ayyappan prayer model.

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