2023 Chaitra Gowri Pooja Date Timings Pooja Vidhi Kannada

Know the details of Chaitra Gowri Pooja, 2023 Chaitra Gowri Pooja Date Timings Pooja Vidhi Kannada, Visarjan after Chaitra Gowri Pooja 

Chaitra Gowri Pooja :

Married women in North Karnataka and Maharashtra observe Chaitra Gauri Pooja, also known as Tadigae Gauri Vratha, Ujjale Gauri Vratha, Soubhagya Gauri Vrata, and Chaitra Gauri Arishina Kumkum. In the Hindu month of Chaitra, which occurs two days after Gudi Padwa or Ugadi, Chaitrada Gauri vratha begins on the third day, or Trithiya. Most Fridays are when this Chaitra Gowri Pooja is performed. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, it is observed as a Sowbhagya Gouri vratam. In other regions of India, it is also known as Andolan Tritiya.

According to legend, the Chaitra Gowri Pooja will benefit women and their families by bringing prosperity and money. Additionally, the Gowri Pooja is known as the Chaitra Gowri Pooja since it is held during the month of Chaitra. The Chaitra Gowri Pooja will be performed at the temple by the pilgrims, but it can also be performed at home. For those who perform the Chaitra Gowri Pooja vidhi frequently, it is easy. The Chaitra Gowri Pooja is more comparable to a women’s celebration. The wives would perform the pooja for their husbands’ and families’ welfare.

2023 Chaitra Gowri Pooja Date Timings Pooja Vidhi Kannada

The women will have a head bath when they get up early in the morning. The women would next finish preparing for the Vratham and adorning the pooja. The Gowri Vratham is another name for the Chaitra Gowri Pooja.

The Chaitra Gowri Pooja in the temples will be performed in batches by the pilgrims.

After the pooja, the devotees would receive the blessings of the gods and their husbands. The Chaitra Gowri Pooja’s tithi timings won’t change, and most of the pooja will be performed in the evening. The pooja that is performed at home can be done whenever it is convenient.

2023 Chaitra Gowri Pooja Date Timings Pooja Vidhi Kannada

The Chaitra Gowri Pooja will take place on Friday, March 24, 2023.

Gauri must be kept in a suitable and secure location for a month without being disturbed. Clean up the area, make a Rangoli, and set down a plank. Make a Kalasha, then place it on the plank. Make Arishinada Gauri (turmeric powder formed into a cone, also known as Haridra Gauri) and set it on a betel leaf. Placing the Betel leaf on a Bellada Achchu (Jaggery cube) is the next step. The Gauri should remain in front of the Kalasha. The Kalasha is maintained close by a container that grows wheat grass. Few maintain both Hingaru Bele, which is harvested prior to Chaitra Masa, like Godi (Wheat), Kadale made up of Chickpeas, Bengal Gram and Navani, which is grown during Chaitra Masa like Sorghum,  Hesaru (Green Gram), and Madaki (Moth Beans).

Lord Ganesha should be worshiped to begin puja. Chanting Gauri Asthothara will then commence the gowri pooja. Sandal paste, kumkum, kumkum powder, davana leaf, incense sticks and naivedyam must be offered. Kosambari, lemon juice, buttermilk, and a sweet dish must be prepared for  Naivedyam. Later, Bhajans and Songs should be sung by Devotees concluded by Aarthi. Invite married women, perform Pada pooja, and gift them Mangala drowya and tamboolm  in the evening. Some cultures celebrate Lord Shiva and Goddess Gauri with Dolotsavam.Visarjan should be done post Akshaya Tritiya on any day other than Tuesdays and Fridays.


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