Bhimeshwara Swami Temple Draksharamam Location History

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In the middle of Kakinada (at a distance of 28.2 kilometres), Rajahmundry (at a distance of 50 kilometres), and Amalapuram is where you’ll find Draksharamam (at a distance of 25.1 KM). There are several places of worship to visit all around “Mother India,” often known as the Holy Land. One of them is called “Draksharama,” and it may be found on the opposite bank of the Godavari River in southern India.

This location, which is often referred to as “Draksharama,” derives its overarching significance from Daksha Prajapathi, who was the spiritual spouse of Lord Siva and the father of his cherished consort, “Sati.” The “Skanda Purana” written by Sri Vyasa offers a comprehensive account of the history of the Sacred Pilgrimage. What follows is a condensed version of the sequence of events that took place. At one point in time, it was decided that Daksha Prajapathi would preside over a yaga.

Bhimeshwara Swami Temple Draksharamam Location History

In order to do this, he went on a pilgrimage to Kailasa in the hopes of pleading with the divine to accept his hospitality and bestow blessings upon his Yazna. Yet, Lord Siva remained there in his court the whole time, relishing in the splendour of his ethereal being. Nevertheless, Daksha Prajapathi, in his arrogance as the Lord’s father-in-law, mistook the Lord’s trance for a lack of interest in him. This led to Daksha Prajapathi’s downfall. As a result, he went back without asking the Lord and the Lady to participate in his sacrifice as a result of the insult he received from his Son-in-difference. law’s

Because of her inherent femininity, Sati implored Siva to allow her to attend the sacrifice that was being held at her parents’ home, despite the fact that she had not been invited. She wanted to take pleasure in the performance while being surrounded by her loved ones. Siva did, however, caution her about the terrible outcomes that may occur if she returned to her parent’s house, but he still gave her permission to do so if that was what she wanted.

Bhimeshwara Swami Temple Draksharamam Location History

But, when she arrived at her parent’s home, nobody greeted her or even asked how she was doing; she was completely ignored. Sathi could not bear the thought of turning back and seeing her beloved husband her embarrassed face while she was covered in her own blood, therefore she took the choice to give her life rather than turn around and face her husband when she was covered in her own blood. As a consequence, she passed away right there and then.

As soon as Siva found out about the tragic conclusion, he sent his son Veerabhadra to try to talk some reason into Daksha. Siva, who was suffering from the sorrow of being separated from Sati, bowed down and threw her body over his shoulders as he conducted the ritual known as the “Pralaya Thandava.” At this juncture, Lord Vishnu, the force that manifests itself across the cosmos, sent his ‘Chakra’ to separate Sathi’s body and relieve Lord Siva of his agony. After arriving, the Chakra cut Sati’s body into eighteen separate parts, which are now collectively referred to as the Ashta Dasa Peethas. The one located in Draksharama and known as Sri Manikyamba is the twelfth of them.

It’s true that there aren’t too many Holy Pilgrimages when the God and Goddess are given the same amount of reverence as each other. One such place is the sacred city of Varanasi, which can be found in the northern part of India and is encircled by the mountains of Viswanatha and Annapurna. Srisailam, which is located in southern India, comes in at number two, followed by Draksharama, which is home to Bhimanatha and Manikyamba.

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