How To Get Vada Prasadam In Tirumala Online Order Darshan

Know the latest details about the How To Get Vada Prasadam In Tirumala Online Order Darshan, Tirumala Vada Prasadam Online Order 

Tirumala Vada Prasadam:

Pilgrims will get Vada Prasadam in addition to the laddu prasadam as part of the prasadam they receive for completing certain duties, such as the Tiruppavada Seva. Tirumala Vada Prasadam is distributed to pilgrims based on the seva they do. In addition to this seva, Tirumala Vada Prasadam is supplied for further seva. In addition, pilgrims may buy Tirumala Vada Prasadam from shops in Laddu in return for completing a specified duty.

Tirumala Vada Prasadam is often available at Laddu counters. However, just a handful of them are accessible. Vada is provided to all devotees at the Laddu Prasadam shops for Rs.30. However, Tirumala Vada Prasadam is only produced in tiny quantities, and procuring vada from the counters would be difficult owing to the enormous crowds that will be there every day.

If a devotee obtains the VIP recommendation letter for Darshan, he or she will be able to get the Srivari Vada Prasadam by showing the letter at one of the counters. This, however, is dependent on the VIP who is recommending Darshan to devotees and their suggestions.

How To Get Vada Prasadam In Tirumala Online Order Darshan

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The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) is preparing to sell vada prasadam to devotees who come to pay their obeisance at the temple. At the moment, devotees may only get Vada Prasadam if they participate in one of the special services. However, as of lately, devotees who just visit the temple would be entitled for prasadam, regardless of whether or not they obtain endorsement letters from TTD authorities.

The TTD has raised the price of each vada to Rs. 100 and intends to make it available to all worshippers at designated counters. Previously, each vada was priced at Rs. 20.

Online Order Darshan for Vada Prasadam in Tirumala:

Tirumala vada prasadam is not yet available for online ordering. It can only be obtained at the Tirumala temple’s prasadam counters.

To visit Tirumala, one must first get a darshan ticket.

Booking Tirumala Rs 300 Special Darshan Ticket Online:

  1. Visit the official TTD website for more information about the SED 300 Rs Ticket, the Free Darshan Ticket, and Lodging.
  2. The virtual line often has a 5-to-10-minute wait period, depending on the amount of available tickets and the number of worshippers desiring to register.
  3. When the countdown expires, input your mobile phone number, captcha code, and click “Generate OTP.”
  4. Your mobile device will get an OTP. Enter the 6-digit OTP, then click the ‘Login’ button.
  5. To continue, you must agree the Covid-19 conditions of the temple on the Covid-19 Declaration Form and click “Agree.”
  6. A calendar will appear, enabling you to choose which days the template should be shown. You must choose a time range for your darshan after selecting on the day.
  7. Fill up the blanks with the appropriate information, such as the number of guests, the quantity of additional Laddu Prasadam, the number of rooms, and so on.
  8. Before moving to the next page, you must input the pilgrims’ details, such as their name, gender, age, picture ID proof, ID card number, and so on.
  9. Pay for the ticket Using a credit card, UPI, debit card (ATM), or internet banking.

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