Lord Venkateshwara Srivari Poorabhishekam Tirumala

Know The Details About Lord Venkateshwara Srivari Poorabhishekam Tirumala, Darshan Timings, Accommodation, And More Information

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In this article, devotees will find information that is very useful to know about Tiruamalai Poorabhishekam. Before taking part in the seva, each devotee was given a special silver vessel called a kalasam that was filled with a fine paste of Chandan. The same paste will be mixed with water to form a scented thiram of offering for Lord Venkateswara.

Lord Venkateshwara Srivari Poorabhishekam Tirumala

On Friday, the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) priests performed the ‘Suprabhatha Seva’ and other ceremonies, such as the ‘poorabhishekam, as part of the Sri Venkateswara Vaibhavotsavams held at the ACSR Stadium. As usual, a lot of devotees showed up early in the morning on the 7th day of the ongoing utsavams to see the sevas and ask the deity for his blessings.

Abhishekam Seva is the name given in Sanskrit to the religious ritual that consists of washing the main deity in a Hindu temple (Divine Bath). Every week on Friday from time immemorial, it has taken place at Tirumala. After the completion of the Suprabhatha Seva every Friday, the customary Thomala and Archana Sevas are performed in solitude and are then followed by the Srivari Abhishekam.

The earliest known instance of the Arjitha seva took place at the hill temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara. The abhishekam begins with the usage of holy water from Akasa Ganga Teertham, which is then followed by milk, Chandanam, Suddhodakam, and a number of other aromatic gifts such as saffron paste, droplets of civet oils, Pachcha Karpooram, and so on.

Lord Venkateshwara Srivari Poorabhishekam Tirumala

All of these objects are put into silver vessels as the priests recite the Pasurams from the Divya Pradbandham and perform the Abhishekam to the Purshasukta, Srisukta, Bhusuktha, Neelasukta, Moola Virat, and Narayanasukta. After this, an abhishekam with a turmeric paste is performed, during which it is put on the sculptures of Lakshmi and his chest. For this particular act of service, the Arjitha Grihastas congregate within the temple, where they are each presented with a silver cup that contains a variety of aromatic substances, such as saffron paste, civet oil drops, Pancha Karpooram, and so on.

The Mangala Vayidyas are in charge of guiding each and every one of the Arjitha Sevaparas as they carry these artifacts all the way around the inner prakara of the temple. As the Archakas go to Bangaru Vakili, they collect the bowls and plates in preparation for using them in the Abhishekam rite that would take place there. The Pallava Queen “Samaavai” gave the temple the silver idol of Bhoga Srinivas Murthy. This idol is a tiny duplicate of the main vigraha and was given to the temple by Samaavai.

As she made her gift, it was a Friday in the year Akshaya, and the star Sravana was in the ascendant; this was the Jyestha Bahula Tritheeya. During the time of the main deity and the Bhoga Srinivasa Murthy idol’s inauguration, abhishekam was presented to both of them, and ever since then, the ceremony has been carried out on a weekly basis, namely on Fridays.

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