Mahabalipuram Shore Temple Chennai Tamil Nadu History

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In the fifth century, Chola rulers established their authority over the area and named Kancheepuram the capital city. Kanchi served as the Chola prince Elanthirayan’s capital city when he travelled there from Manipallava, an island located off the coast of Ceylon. As the ship went down in the middle of the ocean while he was aboard it, he swam to land and eventually made it to Kanchi.

The beach to which he swam in order to reach the coast, which was maybe called Kadamallai. He had become a significant commercial centre. It continued to thrive into the seventh and eighth centuries. After then, the sea may have washed onto the land, and a great deal of it may have been swept away as a result. There is a possibility that temples sank into the water between the years 1070 and 1117 AD.

Mahabalipuram Shore Temple Chennai Tamil Nadu History

The Shiva Temple which is located on the coast was constructed in the 7th century. First done during the Pallava era, hilltops were levelled, rocks were sculpted, and monoliths were stacked in beautiful formations throughout this time. The name “Kshatriya Simha Pallaveswaram” is written on an inscription found at the site of the temple. Rajasimha Pallaveswaram temple was erected by Rajasimha Pallava about 690-710 AD.

At this sacred location, Lord Vishnu showed himself to Pundarika for the first time. It is stated that the wise man got his name from the fact that he presented Vishnu with all of the lotus blossoms (the word “Pundarika” means “Lotus”). Sage travelled to Vaikuntam after being guided there by a crocodile. Once there, he expressed a desire to adorn Lord Vishnu with flowers at the Ocean of Milk, but as he was at a loss for what to do and was feeling restless, he considered draining the ocean in order to get there.

When a year had gone, the lotus flowers that he had preserved on the coastlines remained in the same pristine condition as before. The waters, too, were never depleted to any degree. But, Lord Vishnu, moved by the sage’s devotion and trust, took on the appearance of an elderly man and presented himself to him. He made many attempts to convince the wise man to abandon his plan but to no avail.

The Lord then informed him that he was starving and asked him to fetch him some food; the man complied with the request since he wanted to please the Lord. The Sage travelled all the way to the sea from Mamallapuram to collect the food, but when he got there, the elderly man was nowhere to be found. It was said that Lord Vishnu himself was seen relaxing on the beach.

A state of euphoria overcame the wise man, and he ran to the Lord to beg him. Since that time, Lord Vishnu is said to be seen there resting on the slatted ground, thus the name “Thalaysayana.” Some people believe that Sage Pundarika Tirtha is even holier than the Ganges. Sage Agasthya and Garuda both obtained salvation by taking a plunge in this sacred water here.

Architecture Of The Mahabalipuram Shore Temple Chennai Tamil Nadu History

The Adi Varaha Perumal Cave Temple is Mahabalipuram’s oldest Pallava complex; however, it is also the one that receives the fewest visitors. The original mandapa (also known as a pavilion) is hidden from view beneath a modern-day frame that gives the impression of being relatively unremarkable. Construction on this location started during Mahendravarman I’s reign, but it was completed under his successor.

The temple is devoted to Vishnu, and one of his incarnations, Varaha, is reflected in its design. The architecture of the temple was inspired by Vaishnava Agamic scriptures. The exquisite sculptures in relief that adorn both the outer hall and the sanctuary may be found in both of these spaces. This temple is home to two relief sculptures of Pallava emperors Simhavishnu (about 537 CE – 570 CE) and Mahendravarman. Each of the statues is supported by their respective spouses.

How To Get To The Temple Of Mamallapuram(Mahabalipuram) In India

  • By Air, The airport that is most convenient for travel to and from Mamallapuram is located in Chennai. The distance between the airport and the temple town is around 58 kilometres. All of India’s main domestic airlines provide connections from Chennai to the rest of the country. To go to Mamallapuram from any place in India, one may take a flight to Chennai, either nonstop or with a stop along the way, and then hire a taxi to take them the rest of the way.
  • By Road, The remainder of Tamil Nadu and Mamallapuram is also easily accessible by road from this city. From several locations, including Chennai, Pondicherry, Chengalpattu, and Kanchipuram, to mention a few, state and private buses make regular and frequent trips to and from Kanchipuram. The condition of the roads is superb, and the ride down the coast is fairly relaxing and enjoyable. Passengers have the option of using buses with or without air conditioning, depending on their budget.
  • By Train, Chengalpattu Junction is the name of the railroad station that is located the closest to Mamallapuram. Express trains and postal trains serve as the primary means through which Chennai is linked to the rest of Tamil Nadu. After arriving at the station, one may take a taxi to go approximately 29 kilometres to reach their destination of Mamallapuram.

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