Mysore Palace History Timings Online Booking Entry Fee

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The Mysore Palace in the Indian state of Karnataka is an absolutely stunning example of the Indo-Saracenic architectural style. The Royal family of Mysore still resides in this palace, also known as Amba Vilas Palace. In 1912, the 24th King of the Wodeyar Dynasty commissioned the construction of one of the largest palaces in India: Mysore Palace.

Mysore Palace History Timings Online Booking Entry Fee

The Maharaja Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV, who Mahatma Gandhi referred to as “Rajarishi” (saintly king), was the architect of the Mysore Palace and oversaw its construction. After then, it was enlarged even further by his son, Maharaja Jayachamaraja Wadiyar, who was also the last Maharaja of Mysore. Its regal air is due in large part to the fact that the exterior of the palace features an aesthetic synthesis of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput, and Gothic design elements.

The magnificence of the Mysore Palace, with the Chamundi Hills on its eastern side, is a beautiful sight to behold for anyone who comes to see it. After the Taj Mahal, it is without a doubt the historical landmark that receives the second highest number of visitors, from both domestic and international locations. Mysore Palace is famous for its light and sound spectacle as well as the lively Dussehra celebrations it hosts inside the Old Fort, where it is currently located.

Mysore Palace History Timings Online Booking Entry Fee

There is much evidence of the Mysore Palace’s long and illustrious past. From 1350 until 1950, the royal Wadiyar dynasty of Mysore called this place home. The palace had been razed and rebuilt numerous times over its long history. After a wedding celebration fire in 1897 burned a wooden palace, the ruler of Mysore, Krishna Rajendra Wadiyar IV, ordered its restoration and reconstruction. After a fire destroyed the original palace in 1897, the British architect Lord Henry Irwin was tasked with designing a new one.

In 1912, after a staggeringly high price tag of INR 41,47,913, the construction of the palace was finally finished. The Public Darbar Hall, along with the rest of the palace, underwent extensive restoration in 1940. While much of the Mysore Palace is now owned by the state and used as a museum, the royal family’s descendants still occupy a section of the building. More than six million people visit each year, making it one of the most popular destinations in India.

When To Visit The Mysore Palace for The Best Experience

Around the season of Dussehra, when the entire compound is gorgeously decorated and lit, illuminated in a golden hue, is the best time to pay a visit to the palace. This is also the best time to take photos of the palace.

Every Sunday and on other holidays that are considered public, the palace is illuminated.

Suggestions for Guests of the Mysore Palace

You are required to take your shoes off. There are lockers available for use, and the fee to store your footwear inside is very low, coming in at just INR 2 2. Those who are interested can obtain audio information kits in one of seven or eight different languages.

How to Go to the Palace of Mysore

The Mysore Palace may be found in a prime position in the middle of the city of Mysore. The Mufesal Bus station is situated in close proximity to the palace, about a few kilometers away from it. This bus terminal serves as the departure point for KSRTC buses at regular intervals.

After getting off at the bus stop, you have the option of either walking to the north gate or the east gate of the palace. You also have the option of hiring an auto-rickshaw to take you from the bus terminal to the entrance of the palace. To go to the palace from the train station in Mysore, you can rent an auto-rickshaw outside of the station.

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