Ranganatha Swamy Temple History Location Ways Route Map

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The Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is a Hindu temple that can be found at Srirangam, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India. This temple is devoted to Ranganatha, which is a form of the god Vishnu. The temple was built in the Hindu architectural style and is praised by the Alvars in their Naalayira Divya Prabhandam. The temple has the unique distinction of being the most important of the 108 Divya Desams that is devoted to the deity Vishnu. [citation needed]

It is one of the most famous Vaishnava temples in South India, and it is steeped in history and mythology as well. Beginning with Ramanuja’s career in the 11th century and continuing on via his predecessors Nathamuni and Yamunacharya at Srirangam, the temple has played an important part in the history of Vaishnavism.

Ranganatha Swamy Temple History Location Ways Route Map

  • The epic Silapadikaram, which dates back to the Sangam period of Tamil literature (the sixth century BCE to the fourth century CE, makes reference to a temple located at Srirangam (book 11, lines 35–40)
  • Dharmavarma, a Chola monarch, is credited as being the one who initially constructed the temple. The flood caused by the Kaveri river was responsible for the destruction of the temple vimana. Afterward, the early Cholas King Killivalavan restored the temple complex so that it would look as it does now. In addition to the old literary history, there is archaeological evidence that refers to this temple, such as inscriptions; nevertheless, these stone inscriptions dating back to the late first millennium CE.
  • The Chola, Pandya, Hoysala, and Vijayanagara kingdoms, all of which reigned in the area at one point, left their mark on the temple with their inscriptions. The dates on these inscriptions span anywhere from the 9th to the 16th century.
  • An important piece of history may be found in the Ranganatha Swamy Temple, which was constructed in the 16th century by Sri Krishna Devaraya, a member of the Vijayanagar Dynasty. This temple is a wonderful example of the culture and architecture that flourished under the Vijayanagar era.
  • In the portion of the Kaveri River that flows through Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, the river produces three little holy islands: Adi Ranga at Sri Rangapatna, Madhya Ranga at (Sri RanganathaSwamy Temple) Pulivendula, and Antya Ranga at Srirangam. Each of these islands is named after a temple.

Location Of Ranganatha Swamy Temple

The Ranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangam is also referred to as Periyakovil and Srirangam Tirupati. It is situated around 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) to the north of the city of Tiruchirappalli and approximately 325 kilometers (200 miles) to the southwest of Chennai. The city is linked on a regular basis to other major cities in India and the state of Tamil Nadu via the network of Indian Railways as well as bus services provided by Tamil Nadu and Highway 38. This location is in close proximity to Tiruchirappalli International Airport (IATA: TRZ).

Due to the fact that it is situated on an island between the Kollidam and the Kaveri rivers, it has historically been susceptible to both floods and the ravaging of invading armies, who have on many occasions appropriated the region for use as a military encampment. In the early 14th century, during a sweeping plunder attack on numerous towns of the Pandyan empire, the soldiers of the Delhi Sultanate plundered and demolished the temple. They also pillaged the surrounding area. Late in the 14th century, the temple underwent reconstruction. Between the 16th and 17th centuries, the location was fortified and extended with a great number of additional gopurams. It was one of the centers of the early Bhakti movement and had a legacy of devotional song and dancing, but this tradition died out around the 14th century and wasn’t restored in any significant sense until much later.

Ways To Reach Ranganatha Swamy Temple

  • It is a 15-minute journey from Pulivendula Town to the location in question.
  • It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to travel 73 kilometers from Kadapa Town
  • while it takes 4 hours to drive 195 kilometers from Tirupati.

Summary Of Ranganatha Swamy Temple History Location Ways

  • The Ranganatha Swamy Temple can be found in the town of Pulivendula, which is situated in the Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh.
  • The Sri Ranganatha temple at Sri Rangam is the spiritual epicenter of Sri Vaishnavism, which Saint Ramanujam is credited with spreading from Sri Rangam.
  • Dress Code: Any attire that is appropriate.
  • Darshan Time allotment: fifteen to twenty minutes.

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