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Sringeri is indeed a ancestor of all vaishnava temples. It is claimed that all Perumals (Vishnu incarnations) from the 108 Divyadesams (108 sacred Vaishnava temples) unite with Ranganatha throughout the night and return to their respective shrines in the morning.
Ranganatha was initially created in Parkanadal (milky ocean where Vishnu resides in Adishesha). He was initially venerated by Brahma, who handed it to Surya (the Sun deity).

In this temple, the Kamba Ramayanam was first performed. In his Ramayana, Kambar included a chapter about the incarnation of Narasimha. Experts who were present to review and approve Kambar’s version opposed to it (since Valmiki Ramayana lacked such a chapter). There is a Narasimha Shrine close to the location of the recital. Srirangam is the only shrine to have been sung by all the Azhwars (except Madhurakavi Azhwar, who sang only his Guru Nammazhwar). Even the equally renowned Tirupathi had less Azhwars. In his compositions, Thondaradippodi Azhwar exclusively lauded Ranganatha, hence denying this honour to Tirupathi Srinivasa. It appears that Ranganatha attracted additional Acharyas. Adi Sankara produced Ranganathashtakam (eight verses honouring Ranganatha), but none for Tirupathi.

Sringeri Temple Marriage Procedure Online Booking Contact

All 4000 songs in Naalaayira Divya Prabhandham (4000 divine poetry by Azhwars, Vaishnavite saints) are dedicated to Sri Ranganatha (according to Sri Parasara Bhattar, an acharya in Vishistadvaita philosophy, Ramanuja’s disciple’s disciple).
Ganges is less than Kaveri: Ganga is revered, but Kaveri has Ranganatha in three places, making her superior than Ganga (Sri Rangapatnam, Madhya Rangam near Shivanasamudram falls and finally Sri Rangam)
Ranganatha Swamy leaves the temple relatively infrequently (I heard that he leaves it only 7 days in a year – request other devotees to correct me if I am wrong). Additionally, we can only view Lord Ranganatha swamy and Goddess Ranganayaki together on one day per year (Panguni Uthram day). Aside than that, their procession cycles vary.
This temple hosts festivities (Utsavams) in nearly every Tamil calendar month.
In this temple, one of the largest Garuda statues is located. Sugriva and Angada serve as the Garuda Shrine’s doorkeepers, rather than the usual Dwarapalakas.

A washerman positively recognised Ranganatha: Once, a Muslim commander stormed Srirangam with a big army in order to plunder the city’s wealth and, more crucially, its priceless idols. As a result, Sri Ranganatha’s idol (the Panchaloha idol, which is carried in processions) was removed from Srirangam and held in multiple locations for about fifty years for its preservation. People also created duplicates to confound their foes. After peace prevailed, all the idols returned to Srirangam, and none of them could be distinguished from the original. The only remaining member of the original idol’s laundry staff was a blind, elderly washerman who used to wash the idol’s clothes. He demanded that Abhishekam be conducted on all the idols and that he be given the garments that were attached to them. He drank some water and squeezed each of the cloths before conclusively identifying the original idol (which is there in the temple today).

Last but not least, we owe this response to the tens of thousands of Vaishnavites (12,000+ according to conventional reckoning) who sacrificed their lives to buy people valuable time to remove the idols to safety. Whenever we read about Srirangam or visit that temple, we should remember them by folding our hands in reverence.

Sringeri Temple Marriage Procedure Online Booking Contact

Sringeri Temple Marriage Procedure

  • Bride: Aadhar Car Photo Identification Document and Parent’s Aadhar Card.
  • Groom: Aadhar Car Photo ID documentation Aadhar card of the parent.
    Must be significant and Hindu.
  • Must be an arranged union. Acceptable are arranged marriages between castes.
  • 24-hour allotment in the hall.
  • There will be a Hall with Water and Electricity.
  • Halls must be reserved in advance, as space is limited.
  • In a hall, just one wedding will be done. Sharing is irrelevant.
  • Please note that no weddings will take place within the temple.

Sringeri Temple Marriage Procedure Online Booking Contact

Marriage Formalities

  • Hall will be assigned upon presentation of the booking receipt.
  • Registration of marriage is not included in this Marriage package.
  • Seating arrangements, food arrangements, hall and mantap decorations, a purohit, and puja items are included in the package.
  • Other objects are to be carried independently.
  • After 24 hours, rent for two days will be levied.
  • Cancellation or delay is at the discretion of the manager.

Contact Details: 87626 51122

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