Thaipusam Pooja At Home Pooja Timings Procedure Tamilnadu

Know the latest details about the Thaipusam Pooja At Home Pooja Timings Procedure Tamilnadu, Thaipusam Pooja At Home Pooja Procedure Tamilnadu

Thaipusam comes from the words “Thai,” which is the name of a Tamil month, and “Pusam,” which is the name of a star. So, this star is at its brightest on the day of Thaipusam, which is in the month of Thai.

The Hindu God of war, Lord Murugan, won a battle, and Thaipusam is a celebration of that victory. In Hindu mythology, Goddess Parvati gave Lord Murugan a spear called “Vel” so that he could kill the demon “Soorapadman.” So, on the lucky day of Thaipusam, the devotees pray to Lord Murugan, who is Lord Shiva’s son, so that he will help them get rid of all the bad things in their lives. Mostly in the southern states of India, this festival is held. Thaipusam is also a very important holiday in places outside of India where there are a lot of Tamil people, such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, Guadalupe, Thailand, and even South Africa.

Thaipusam Pooja At Home Pooja Timings Procedure Tamilnadu

Thaipusam Pooja:

Thaipusam is a big holiday for people who love Lord Murugan. The pilgrims will worship Lord Murugan in his most powerful form on this day. Thaipusam is also celebrated at a lot of well-known temples. Most of the pilgrims will worship the Lord at home during the Thaipusam pooja. Some people will take the Kavadi to the temple, where it will be offered. It will be taken to the temples of Lord Murugan by the pilgrims who carry the Kavadi there. After the Kavadi, the pilgrims will see the Lord, or do the Darshan.

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People who want to see the Lord but don’t want to go to the temple will do the pooja at home. When the pilgrims do Pooja at home, they will worship Lord Murugan. For people who do it often, the Thaipusam pooja isn’t too hard. But there are some people who celebrate Thaipusam in a big way.

Meaning of Thaipusam 2023:

Skanda Puranam says that the story of Lord Murugan and the divine verses about Murugan in Thirupugal follow Shaivam principles. Lord Murugan is the personification of Shiva’s light and wisdom. His followers worship him because he is the divine destroyer of evil and helps them get through hard times. So, people who worship Lord Murugan on this day get his blessings and get rid of their bad habits. Also, it keeps them healthy physically and mentally and helps them pay off their karmic debts.

Thaipusam Pooja process At Home:

  • Most homes in the Tamilnadu states will celebrate the Thaipusam festival. 
  • The Thaipusam festival will be done all over the world by people who follow the culture of Tamilnadu.
  • On this day, people who take part in the Thaipusam festival will wake up early and wash their heads.
  • Then the pooja mandir is decorated for Lord Murugan, and then the prasadam is cooked. 
  • When they are done with the prasdam, the pilgrims will light the lamp for Lord Murugan.
  • Lord Murugan should be shown in the pooja through a picture or an idol. The pilgrims can then light the lamp and give Lord Murugan the Prasadam. Once this is done, the Harathi to the Lord can be said to end the pooja.

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