Tirumala Tirupati Darshan Samachar Today Online Booking

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The Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in the Chittoor region of Andhra Pradesh, India, is a major Vaishnavite pilgrimage site. Lord Sri Venkateswara, an avatar of Vishnu, is worshipped in the Temple because he is said to have arrived here to save humanity from the tribulations of the Kali Yuga.

This is why the Lord is also known as Kaliyuga Prathyaksha Daivam, and the area is called Kaliyuga Vaikuntham. It is also often referred to as Tirumala Temple, Tirupati Temple, and Tirupati Balaji Temple. Lord Venkateswara is also called Balaji, Govinda, and Srinivasa, among many more.

Tirumala Tirupati Darshan Samachar Today Online Booking

The temples’ day-to-day operations are overseen by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, an organisation founded in 1930. Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) is a non-profit organisation that was founded to preserve this sacred site in 1932. TTD oversees all of the temple’s charity initiatives. The TTD uses the money from pilgrims to fund a number of different charities.

Even former ISRO chairman Mr. K. Radhakrishnan would go to the shrine to pray to Lord Balaji before every satellite launch. We are open from 06am to 02pm for Alipiri Mettu and from 06am to 04pm for Srivari Mettu. Unfortunately, due to construction, Alipiri Mettu is now off-limits to kids. In its current state, Srivari Mettu is the quickest route. Remember that without Darshan tickets, you won’t be able to enter.

The Current Live Result

  • “Sarva Darshan” (Free Darshan): 9 Sections / 12-14 Hours.
  • Time Required for 300/- Special Entrance Darshan: 3-4 Hours.
  • Duration of a Divay Darshan (Walk Darshan): Six to Eight Hours.

VIP Tickets:

Those who contribute Rs.10,000 or more to the SRIVANI Trust will be given a ticket to the Personality Break Darshan. He’ll write a letter of recommendation saying as much, and upon its submission, he’ll be able to pay INR 500 and make the darshan the next day.

Ticketing Technology and Development (TTD) has set a cap of 9 persons per household for selling tickets under this programme. The standard fee is INR per person, and groups of more than 9 members of the same family will not be admitted for darshan.

One get tickets for Divya Darshan

One may use the Alipiri route, and the other is the Srivari Mettu route, to reach Tirumala on foot. If you travel these routes halfway to Tirumala, you’ll be able to get a token to scan for Divya darshan.

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Tirumala Tirupati Darshan Samachar Today Online Booking

  • Level of crowding: high
  • Time required for Sarva Darshan: 16 hours. Seven to nine hours for Divya Darshan.
  • Maybe the shop will shut at 11:00 a.m. today. Darshan for Early Entry: 02 hours.
  • For seniors, the Darshan might take anything from an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and thirty minutes.
  • Time required for Supadam Darshan: 04 hours. We’ve had a 06-hour wait period for room assignments.
  • As of today, all VQC II slots will be taken. The Future Crowd at Darshan
  • The popularity of the crowd has not diminished. It may take 14–15 hours to complete Sarva Darshan.
  • Time required for the Special Entrance Darshan is between 01:45 and 02:45.
  • One and a half hours is the time allotted for the Senior Citizen Darshan. 06 hours of Divya Darshan.
  • Requests for a VIP Weekend Darshan are welcome Monday through Friday.

Information On the Tirupati Darshan Arrangements

  • Back and Forth Trip. ie. Transport via plane, bus, or train, Darshan’s Special Introductory Entrance
  • Advice and Help Fares for the bus ride from Tirupati to Tirumala and back to the city are included in the total.
  • Tirupati hotels or refreshment centres near the hills. There is a 24-hour check-in window for guests. On a twin-share basis.
  • Rooms will be assigned on a “twin sharing” basis, where two people stay in one room.
  • The 24-hour policy is strictly adhered to. One day before to the festival, the devotee must arrive at Tirupati.
  • There are both cheap and luxurious hotels for the convenience of the worshippers.

Catering Services:

All meals are not included since they are dependent on the devotee’s preferences. You may even have a meal delivered to your door by ordering it online. At an additional fee, devotees may have only vegetarian fare.

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