Tirumala VIP Darshan Package From Hyderabad Online Booking

Know the latest details about the Tirumala VIP Darshan Package From Hyderabad Online Booking, Tirumala VIP Darshan Package From Hyderabad Online Booking

The only place in India that everyone visits at least once a year is Tirupati. In India, a lot of Hindus think of it as lucky and holy. It has been the shrine of Lord Venkateshwara Balaji for many years. But everyone hates the people there, and during busy times, Tirupati and Tirumala are so crowded that it’s impossible to breathe. It’s not hard, but sometimes you have to plan it out carefully.

Tirumala VIP Darshan Package From Hyderabad Online Booking

There are many agencies offering VIP darshan tickets but their service is not always the same. You can book VIP darshan for yourself hasslefree now. You can either book through donating for SRIVANI trust or by having a recommendation letter.

Here are some ways to give to the SRIVANI Trust:

  1. Use your credentials to sign in to the official TTD website.
  2. Choose “SRIVANI Trust Donations” from the list of donations on the Menu.
  3. Click the button that says “Keep giving.”
  4. Make sure darshan is available before you pay for it.
  5. If there are rooms available on the dates you want, pay.
  6. After looking at the table of what’s available, type 10,000 and click the Continue button.
  7. If you plan a lot of Break Darshans, you can give any amount you want. There are nine darshans that can be booked.
  8. To buy more than one ticket, enter the total from the chart above and choose the number of pilgrims from the drop-down menu below. Choose “Joint donor” and fill out the necessary information to share tax benefits with another pilgrim.
  9. Fill in the information about the pilgrim and then click the Proceed button.
  10. Make sure that everything on the ID card is correct.
  11. Pick a way to pay and send your money.
  12. Credit cards, debit cards, and Internet banking are all ways to pay.
  13. After payment is made, a Donation Receipt will be made.
  14. If pilgrims use this method, they may be able to get tax breaks under Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.

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How to do a TTD VIP Break Darshan:

As part of the TTD Recommendation Letter Process, pilgrims must meet the following requirements before they can get a recommendation letter for Darshan or a hotel reservation.

  • Before they can move on, the pilgrims must get a letter of recommendation from a VIP. This letter must be written on the VIP’s letterhead.
  • Only letters of recommendation written by People representatives with a rank higher than MLA or by state officials will be accepted.
  • The pilgrims are responsible for getting the letter to the JEO Camp office in Tirumala. The letter should include all important information about the pilgrims, such as the date of the Darshan, the number of people who will be there, and any other relevant information.
  • The letter must be written on the official’s letterhead if it is to be sent in.
  • The letter can also be delivered in person to the MBC 34 office in Tirumala, where it will be processed further.
  • From this point of view, the authorities will decide what the procedure-based rule-based position will be for that day.

VIP darshan tourists should keep in mind:

  • The person must show up at the Vaikuntam-I Complex at the time on their ticket. There is a dress code for the VIP Break Darshan.
  • With this ticket, the devotee will be able to take part in L1 Protocol Darshan.
  • It is a gift and Darshan for the devotee, but it only happens once.

When going to Tirumala, visitors should wear the following:

  • When people go to the temple, they have to wear traditional clothes. Men who want to run must wear a dhoti or pyjamas and a shirt or uttariya with long enough sleeves to cover their shoulders.
  • Female candidates must wear a Chuddidar pyjama set, a saree, a half-saree with a top, or a half-saree with an outer garment.

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