Tirupati Balaji Tour Package Guide from Tiruvannamalai

Know The Details About Tirupati Balaji Tour Package Guide from Tiruvannamalai, Timings, Cost, Accommodation, And More Information

This famous Andhra Pradesh town is modest, but packed with cultural treasures. In addition, there are a lot of fun activities to do in the area. However, trips to Tirupati are required for this.

Planning a trip to Tirupati at the right time is crucial if you want to avoid being hampered by the crowds of worshippers and get the most out of your stay there. A fascinating historical metropolis, it is most known for its many Hindu temples.

Tirupati Balaji Tour Package Guide from Tiruvannamalai

Even if one just has time for a day trip in and around Tirupati, you won’t regret seeing this city full of life and charm, and a magnificent religious presence. And if you feel that your life is missing a certain level of divine happiness and benefits, a visit here is highly suggested. It’s not like we have to advertise this location to tourists. All year long, it is packed with tourists from India and all around the world.

Tirupati Tour Package Guide from Tiruvannamalai by Bus:

  • Tiruvannamalai Bus Station, 1 AM departure
  • Everyone must get to the Tirupati Bus Terminal around 4:30 in the morning.
  • Arrival anytime between 4:30 and 6:30 in order to freshen yourself and check into your accommodation.
  • Time: 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.
  • At eight in the morning, check out of your room and board a vehicle to pick up tourists.
  • Take a taxi with other travelers to Tirumala, departing between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning.
  • Tirumala arrival time is 9 a.m.
  • The Nandakkam/Kousthubham Guesthouse offers hair offerings and baths during the hours of 9:30 and 10:30 in the morning.
  • Tickets for the Sheegra Darshan may be obtained from a tourist counselor at the SV Museum beginning at 10:30 in the morning.
  • At 10:45, Sheegra Darshan, you are to report to the parking lot of the ATC.
  • Time: 10:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. for Tirupati Balaji Darshan
  • At the Laddu counter, from 12:45 and 1:10, you may get one free with the purchase of every ticket.
  • Laddus may be purchased at the counter for a total of fifty rupees’ worth.
  • The price of a Laddu Bag ranged between Rs. 8 and Rs.
  • At 1:30, taxis for museum guests will be waiting at the SV Museum.
  • Time of departure for Tirupati: 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • It’s time to eat on your own money, so be ready: 2:30–3:30
  • When: four in the afternoon; location: the Tirupati Bus Station
  • Tirupati Bus Station Bus Departure: 4:15
  • Tiruvannamalai arrival time: 7:15 p.m.

Package Inclusions:

  • The price of bus travel to and from your accommodation that is not air-conditioned and has semi-sleeper seating
  • Adjust the time forward by three to four hours.
  • Breakfast
  • Cost of a shared taxi or Tempo from Tirupati to and from Tirumala
  • Admittance to the Tirupati Balaji Darshan

Tirupati Balaji Tour Package Guide from Tiruvannamalai

Package Cost:

AgePackage cost/ Person
Under 5 yrsNo fee
5 to 11 yrsRs.1500
12 yrs and aboveRs.3200

As a direct result of its significance, the Tirumala Temple is a very popular destination for tourists that travel to Tirupati. Simply taking in this temple’s exquisite architecture is a moving experience on its own. The relevance of this temple to the religion of Hinduism, on the other hand, is not up for debate. To take part in the daily religious Puja and Arthi, one needs to make your way there at this time every day.

The Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is where the vast majority of tourists to Tirupati go. People may be aware that taking part in the religious ceremonies used in their community might bring them closer to God and wash away the sins they have committed. Getting away from your usual environment can do wonders to help calm your overworked brain.

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