Tirupati Srikalahasti Package Cost Route From Hyderabad

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Travelers may choose from a wide variety of comfortable lodging options in either Tirupati or Sri Kalahasti. Those staying in Tirupati need not miss out on a trip to Sri Kalahasti; getting there and back is simple. In addition to its beautiful surroundings, Sri Kalahasti also offers luxurious accommodations. Accommodations for pilgrims visiting Tirumala are managed by the temple administration (TTD). Pre-booking is an option via the TTD website.

Sri Kalahasti was originally called after the three devotees of Shiva who lived there. They went by the names Sri, Kala, and Elefant (Hasti). As a reward for their constant devotion, Lord Shiva bestowed upon them the Vayulinga, today known as Sri Kalahasteeswara, the blessing of having their names united. According to Hindu mythology, the elephant Hasti washed the Shiva god by pouring river water from his trunk over the statue. When Sri wove his web around the Shiva lingam, he prayed that the sacred object would be protected from harm.

Tirupati Srikalahasti Package Cost Route From Hyderabad

Kala, the serpent, used to adorn the lord with a jewel by putting it on the linga. When it came to honoring the Vayu linga, they did things their own way. The god was originally protected from the elements by a vast, durable web built by a spider while the snake placed its crystal. Unaware of this, the elephant cleans it by pouring water on it, as if Sri and Kala’s style of worship were a sacrilege committed by the alleged infiltrators. Thus, the three of them engage in violent conflict with one another.

The elephant kills a snake with its trunk when it gets crazy and smashes its trunk and head on the shiva linga. The spider is crushed between the elephant’s trunk and the linga, and the elephant is bitten by the snake and dies. Lord Shiva made himself known and granted the three of them moksha as a reward for their exemplary sacrifice. After working off their bad karma, the elephant and the serpent depart to heaven, while the spider is reincarnated as a mighty queen. For this reason, the principal deity of the temple is known as Sri-Kala-Hasti.

The Rishis began performing a yagya on Ganga’s banks for the benefit of Kali Yuga people just before the commencement of this era. Kashyap rishi was one of these sages who stood out. Narada asked why they were doing the Yagya and who exactly would be appeased when he and Bhrigu visited them there. After making his way to Kailash, he found Shiva absorbed in thought. Due to Lord Shiva’s silence, Sage Bhrigu left for Vaikuntham, the place where Vishnu resides.

Tirupati Srikalahasti Package Cost Route From Hyderabad

When his anger grew, the sage Bhrigu fled to the utopia of Vaikunthdham. While resting in Vaikunthdham on the Adisesha bed, the Goddess Lakshmi attended to Lord Vishnu’s feet. Sage kicked Vishnu in the chest out of frustration at the Hindu god’s apparent blindness. Lord Vishnu took hold of the sage’s legs and started gently pushing on them. Sage Bhrigu calmed down and felt guilty about his conduct, so he shared with the Rishis that he now considered God Vishnu to be the supreme god. Her Lord, Sri Mahalakshmi, apologized to Bhrigu after he had upset her.

After venting her anger, she left Vaikuntha and established her new home on planet Earth. When Vishnu’s efforts to find her were ultimately unsuccessful, he took human form as the deity Shiva to protect the world. Srinivas. Lord Srinivas and Padmavati, another manifestation of Sri Lakshmi, were wed by fate. Every deity in the universe was present at this wedding, and it was then that Rishi Bhrigu came to implore goddess Padmavati for forgiveness (Sri Lakshmi).

On top of Tirumala hill is the sacred Sri Balaji shrine. Seshachalam is another name for this peak. The seven peaks of this mountain are collectively known as “Seshadri,” a reference to its snakelike appearance. “Some of the draconian forebears’ names are Nesladri, Garudadri, Anjanadri, Grishabdri, Narayandri, and Venkatdri. According to folklore, these mountains represent “Adi Sesha.”

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