2022 Tiruchanoor Panchami Theertham Date Timings Darshan

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2022 Tiruchanoor Panchami Theertham:

On the day known as Sukla Panchami of the Kartheeka month, the divine manifestation of Sri Padmavati Devi as a Golden Lotus in Padma Sarovaram is commemorated and honoured during the religious ceremony known as Panchami Theertham. This day also marks the happy birthday of Sri Padmavati Devi.

On the occasion of Panchami Theertham, the placid waters of the spacious, clean and tidy Padma Sarovaram—the temple tank in the abode of Goddess Padmavati—at Tiruchanoor will turn into a sea of humanity. Lakhs of pilgrims coming from all over the country will be taking a holy bath on the occasion of Panchami Theertham. Padma Sarovaram is the temple tank in the abode of Goddess Padmavati.

The nine-day annual Karthika Brahmotsavams of Goddess Padmavathi Devi, who is the presiding deity of Tiruchanoor, will come to a conclusion with this big sacred bath ceremony. The Karthika Brahmotsavams are held in Tiruchanoor.

2022 Tiruchanoor Panchami Theertham Date Timings Darshan

2022 Tiruchanoor Panchami Theertham Date:

Tiruchanoor Panchami Theertham is celebrated on Monday, November 28th, 2022.

The celebration in the morning can begin as early as 7 o’clock.

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The Tiruchanoor temple brahmotsavams come to a close on the day of the Tiruchanoor Panchami Theertham festival. The followers of Lord Padmavathi Devi, who are making the pilgrimage, attach a great deal of significance to today. The Chakra Snanam is another name for the Tiruchanoor Panchami Theertham. This holy water tank is located in Tiruchanoor. This day marks the official close of the Tiruchanoor annual brahmotsavams festival. Only on the day of the Tiruchanoor Panchami Theertham do the vast majority of pilgrims attend the Brahmotsavam festival. Therefore, TTD will be working hard to ensure that this day runs smoothly. The Tiruchanoor Panchami Theertham is expected to get a large number of visitors. The TTD is anticipating that on the day of the Tiruchanoor Panchami Theertham, millions of pilgrims will go to the city of Tiruchanoor.

It is possible for the pilgrims to take part in the Tiruchanoor Panchami Theertham in its entirety. However, it is necessary for the pilgrims to have an uncomplicated journey to the temple. On this day, there will be a significant increase in traffic, which will prevent many pilgrims from making it to the location of the Tiruchanoor Panchami Theertham. The Tiruchanoor temple Pushkarini is the location of the annual Tiruchanoor Panchami Theertham celebration.

Tiruchanoor Panchami Theertham booking:

  • Pilgrims who are interested in attending the Tiruchanoor Panchami Theertham do not need to make reservations in order to take part in the festival.
  • Any traveller who is able to make it to Pushkarini is eligible to take part in the event. However, in order to receive the Darshan at the Tiruchanoor temple on this particular day, the pilgrims will need to make an online reservation. On the official website of the Tirumala Temple, visitors can make reservations for the Darshan of the Tirucannor Temple.
  • On this day, the pilgrims who wish to receive either the Special Darshan or the VIP Darshan are required to inquire with the Officials.
  • On this day, there would be a large number of people, hence the Special quota Darshan will not be available to the pilgrims. The devotees are able to visit the temple and take advantage of the free Darshan that is offered there.
  • On this day, the Darshan timings would take up more of your time.

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