Balipadyami Deepavali 2022 Karnataka Dates Timings Festival

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On Bali Padyami, Lord Vishnu bestows upon King Bali the authority to rule the entire universe. Date of Bali Padyami in 2022 is October 26. On the first day of the Kartik Masa, according to the traditional calendars of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh, it is observed. On this day, people honour King Bali and offer prayers for prosperity similar to what it was under his rule. A significant component of this occasion is the giving and receiving of presents.

Giving presents on Bali Padyami day is appropriate. People frequently hold the belief that, with Lord Vishnu’s blessings, anything they give away on this day will come back to them many times over. The first day of Kartik Pratipada, which falls on the day after Diwali Puja, is when Bali Puja, also known as Bali Pratipada, is performed. 

Alongside Govardhan Puja is Bali Puja. Bali Puja is done in order to obtain the blessings of Demon King Bali, whereas Govardhan Puja is dedicated to Govardhan Hills and Lord Krishna. Demon king Bali is honoured in India at Diwali as a result of a blessing provided by Lord Vishnu. Onam, which is celebrated in South India, is the same as Bali Puja, which is celebrated in North India.

Balipadyami Deepavali 2022 Karnataka Dates Timings Festival

Balipadyami deepavali 2022 karnataka dates and timings:

  • On Wednesday, October 26, 2022, in Bali Pratipada

  • 06:05 AM to 08:26 AM is Bali Puja Pratahkala Muhurat.

  • on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, Govardhan Puja

  • On October 25, 2022, Pratipada Tithi begins at 04:18 PM.

  • On October 26, 2022, Pratipada Tithi ends at 02:42 PM.

Balipadyami Story:

According to legend, King Bali was well-liked because he was an effective administrator. His Guru Shukracharya assisted him in reaching this nearly invincible state. Bali quickly replaced Indra as king of heaven as a result. Balindra also received the honorific title of Chakravarthi, which is Sanskrit for “emperor.” Bali decided to perform the Ashvamedha Yajna to demonstrate his strength.

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Indra pleaded with Lord Vishnu for assistance in regaining his lost heaven. Lord Vishnu visited the Yajna in the guise of the dwarf Vamana. King Bali immediately granted Vamana’s request for three steps of land when the latter made it. The brief Vamana soon became so large that words were inadequate to convey it.

Vamana went over the entire Earth when he first took a step. His second step covered the entire sky. As there was nowhere to proceed on the third step, King Bali gave up. Bali was sent by Vamana to Patala Loka, often known as the Underworld. Because King Bali was a respected and capable leader, Vamana appointed him the emperor of the underworld. He also had the blessing of being able to rule the entire universe for one day, the Bali Padyami day.

Balipadyami Pooja procedure:

  • Balichakravarthi must be depicted in rangoli or gomaya. 

  • Next, Bali must be invited. We must send curds to Bali. 

  • Women would bring Lakshmi within by bringing milk inside from the outside. 

  • We must construct the fort with four gates, the pillaari gopura in the centre, and the puja from the Gomaya itself.

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