Balipadyami Festival Pooja Vidhanam Story Karnataka Panchanga

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Karthika Shudda Padya is affected by Bali Padyami. It is Bali Chakravarthi’s day today. It is the day that Bali Chakravarthi assumes the role of the global Chakravarthi. It was the day that Bali Chakravarthi was pushed to Sutala Loka by Vamana Roopi Srihari. This is the favour that Vamanaroopi Paramatma bestowed over Bali following the Bali nigraha. Additionally, Vamana promised that Bali Chakravarthi would have the day designated for Kartika Shudda Paadya. Any daanaas offered on this day, such as Godaana, Vastradaana, Bhoodaana, and others, will delight Vamana. 

Balipadyami Festival Pooja Vidhanam Story Karnataka Panchanga

Bali Chakravarthi: who is he?

Prahladaraja’s great-grandson and Virochana’s son is Bali Chakravarthi. Indrasena is his actual name. He was the daithya chakravarthi and was born in Hiranyakashipu’s daithyakula. Despite being a daithya, he managed the state with correct dharmaniste and was a daanaa expert. The Daithya team was captained by Bali Chakravarthi at Samudra mathana. In the Saavarni Manvantra, he will become Indra.

Balipadyami story:

By driving away Devendra, Bali Chakravarthi took control of the entire universe, conquered all the kingdoms, and took control of Devaloka as well. He aspired to embody Indra. One must do at least 100 Ashwamedha Yajnas in order to inherit Indra’s throne. He was performing the 100th Ashwamedha Yaagaa after completing 99 of them. He was doing the Yajna while Shukracharyaru, the daithya teacher, served as his pourohitya. Indra (a Purandara named Indra) went to Srihari and asked for his assistance. Aditi, the mother of Devates, simultaneously requested that her husband Kashyapa Rushigalu defend the gods from Balichakravarthi. Aditi-Kashyapas went to Srihari for assistance. In order to fulfil the nigraha of the daithya, Srihari chose to be born as their son “Vamana.”

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Bali was nearing completion of his yajna. Vamana arrived at the Yajna location. When Bali first saw Vamana, a young brahmachari who was handsome and appealing, he stood up and performed Vamana’s paada prakshalana before asking him what he wanted: a lovely girl, a kingdom, jewellery, etc. The only thing Vamana stated he needed was three steps of ground. Bali Chakravarthi was forewarned by the daithya master Shukracharya not to comply with Vamana’s request. However, Bali moved forward with the daana of the three stairs to Vamana. In a fit of rage, Shukracharya cursed Bali, predicting that he would lose control of his entire kingdom.

After performing the sankalpa, Bali Chakravarthi began instructing Vamana in the three steps. From his very first step, Vamana extended himself to be that of Trivikrama to extend to the entire universe. He also occupied the atala, vitala, sutala, and patala lokaas from the second step. No location existed for the third phase. Since Vamana was unable to put his foot anywhere on the ground and Bali offered his head as a solution and requested that Trivikrama Vamana keep his leg on his head, it is related that Garuda bound him with the Varuna cords. Brahma then commands Vamana to set Bali free, and Vamana, still holding his Vishnu paada—which contains the Ganga sannidhana—pushed Bali to Paataala loka and is still watching over him today in his Upendra Roopa. The following Indra in the Manvantara will be Bali Chakravarthi.

Balipadyami pooja vidhana karnataka:

On the Balipadyami day, also known as the Kaarthika Shudda Padya, he was also granted the blessing of being able to control the universe for one day each year.

  • In rangoli or gomaya, we must draw the figure of Balichakravarthi. 
  • Bali needs to be invited next. Bali must receive curds from us. 
  • Women will invite Lakshmi inside by pouring milk from the outside into the house. 
  • From the Gomaya itself, we must draw the fort with four gates, the pillaari gopura in the middle, and perform the puja.

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