2023-2024 Sabarimala Virtual Darshan Q Online Booking Tickets

Know the details about the 2023-2024 Sabarimala Virtual Darshan Q Online Booking Tickets, 2023-2024 Sabarimala Virtual Darshan Q Online Booking Tickets


Shasta worship has a long history in South India. In Sabarimala, the deity is referred to as Ayyappan and is revered. The shrine in Sabarimala is an old temple. It is said that the ruler of the Pandalam dynasty, an avatar of Shasta, meditated and accomplished unity with God at the Sabarimala temple. The prince meditated at the Manimandapam.

Shasta temples can be found all across the world, including South India. The Shasta temple in Sabarimala was one of the five Shasta temples that Lord Parasurama, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, allegedly constructed. The Ayyappan Temples, which can be found in Kulathupuzha and Aryankavu, respectively, are the other two Shasta temples in this group of five.

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Online Darshan Ticket for the Virtual Q at Sabarimala

The great, renowned, and beautiful Sree Sabarimala Temple serves as Lord Ayyappan’s home (Dharma Shasta). The temple has the distinction of being located in a breathtaking natural location that attracts visitors from all over the world. The Sabarimala Temple is located on a mountaintop in the Periyar Tiger Reserve, 4000 feet above sea level.

The Sabarimala Temple’s digital transformationPilgrims can order Prasadam and tickets for the Darshan (Virtual Q) service online through the official Sabarimala temple website. At the temple, you can participate in festivals and ceremonies such Mandalapooja, Makaravilakku, and Vishu. Devotees can purchase tickets to attend rituals such as Malayidal, Mandala Vrutham, Kettunirakkal, Petta Thullal, Traditional Path, and more over the 41 days of Vratham.

How to Sign Up on the Website of the Sabarimala Temple

The homepage will load and show the link for online registration.

Click to bring up the registration form, then fill out the information requested:

Callback number for name

born on [date]

Sexes Addresses

Type in the ID number and your ID proof paper.

Create your chosen login password next, then confirm to move on.

Once you’ve entered your email address and password, click the agreement link. Before submitting the information, make sure to read all of the terms and conditions.

Click the submit button after uploading a recent photo.

To your registered email address or mobile number, the system will send an OTP.

To finish the application form’s details, enter the code.

Step by step for Sabarimala Virtual Q line  booking 2023 availability process

 There were not many open slots because of the large number of enthusiasts. It is advisable to purchase your ticket in advance to secure the following dates. The steps listed below can be used to check for availability on the Sabarimala website.

-Open  official website and click  on The  enter  button your login credentials.

-Select the virtual Que line option to open  new page.

-Choose the date you wish  visit from the calendar.the dates indicated in green -are available, while the red colored dates are already booked someone.

-Select from the green date and choose  time slot to continue.

-Login to the Sabarimala portal and book your virtual Q line coupon based on  date and time slot.

Significant Updates

From November 16 to December 27, 2022, virtual Q QQ Tokens are available for the Mandala Pooja.Children under the age of five do not need to reserve virtual Q tickets.

At Sabarimala Temple and other temples like Pamba, Nilakkal, and Erumely, pilgrims can get Annadanam.For all pilgrims, Annadanam is free.

Through the Travancore Devaswom Board information desk, devotees can request any information.Children/devotes between the ages of 5 and 18 may display their school IDs.

Those who attend must present their Covid-19 vaccination record.

Check if Sabarimala is open

The steps listed below can be used to check for availability on the Sabarimala website. Activate the official website, then input your login information. To open a new page, choose the virtual Q option. Pick the desired visitation date from the calendar. The green-colored dates, however, are open for booking, whereas the red-colored days are already taken.


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