2023 Karadaiyan Nombu Viratham Date Timings Tamilnadu

Know the details about the 2023 Karadaiyan Nombu Viratham Date Timings Tamilnadu, 2023 Karadaiyan Nombu Viratham Date Timings Tamilnadu

Karadaiyan Nombu 2023 :

 Married Tamil women fast during the holiday of Karadaiyan Nombu in order to pray for their husbands’ health and longevity. This nombu will be held precisely at the moment when the Tamil month of Maasi ends and the month of Panguni, the following month, begins.

 The Reason Behind For This Fasting :

  •  On this day, Sathi Savithri engaged in a battle with Yama to preserve her husband’s life. Similar to this, married ladies fast on this auspicious day in hopes of their husbands living long lives.
  • The nivedyam is this nonbu’s specialty. The Karadayan Nonbu Adai with butter, betel leaves (vetrilai), areca nut (pakku), banana (pazham), and coconut serves as the nivedyam for this fast. The women in the household on yellow strings. One string is worn on the portrait of Kamakshi Amman, and the other threads are worn by the women in the home. Each string has a little flower knotted into it.
  • In the Tamil Nadu state, Karadaiyan Nombu, also known as “Savitri Nonbu Vritham,” is a significant event for married ladies. On this day, wives pray for their husbands’ long life and wellbeing.
  • On a specific day when the changeover between the Tamil months of Panguni and Massi occurs, Karadaiyan Nombu is observed. It is commemorated at the precise moment that the Tamil months of Panguni and Massi come to an end.

2023 Karadaiyan Nombu Viratham Date Timings Tamilnadu

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  • This festival takes place in the month of March according to the Gregorian calendar. On this day, women adhere to a severe fast, and a special feast is prepared.
  • Not just in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, but also abroad in nations like the United States, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, and Malaysia, Karadaiyan Nombu is celebrated with utmost joy and passion.
  • The devotee shouts the well-known Tamil Chant connected to Savitri Nombu during this time. Karadaiyan Nombu will be commemorated on March 15 in 2023. (Wednesday) Adai nveithan oru Urugda Venaiyum.
  • Additionally, the Meena Sankramanam, or the Sun’s passage from Kumba rasi (Aquarius) to Meena rasi, is mentioned in the Karadaiyan Nombu (Pisces). The primary idea of Karadaiyan Nombu or Savithri Vratam is that fasting is practised beginning in the morning, and that married women make pujas to ask for blessings for the happiness of their husbands and families, as well as young girls who fast and perform pujas to find good husbands.
  •  The fast typically ends at the precise moment that Tamil month Maasi ends and Tamil month Panguni begins. Married ladies and young girls tie a holy thread that has been dusted with turmeric as part of the Karadaiyan Nombu celebration (Manjal Kayiru/saradu).

Which Naivedam Do We Offer During Karadaiyan Nombu:

  •  On the first day of the Tamil month of Panguni, it is popularly believed that Savithri, the daughter of King Asvapati of Madra, saved her husband Satyavan from Yama (the deity of death). Married women in Tamil Nadu therefore observe Karadaiyan Nombu on the holy day in order to protect their husbands and families. In India, Karadaiyan Nombu is commemorated and celebrated under a variety of names and customs.
  • The unique food known as karadai is cooked and served to the goddess called naivedhyam. Two variations of the karadai exist; one is made with jaggery and is known as vella adai, while the other is known as uppu adai. Rice serves as the primary component in both variants.

 Items needed for Pooja

  1. A statue or representation of a married deity, such as Parvati or Kamakshi.
  2. Flowers
  3. crafted yellow thread
  4. kanda adai dish
  5. Fruits that are in season
  6. Banana
  7. A banana leaf with a point

Nombu Shubh Muhurtham Karadaiyan

   Karadaiyan Nombu on March 15, 2023, a Wednesday

  • 06:17 to 06:47 Karadaiyan Nombu Vratham
  • 00 hours and 30 minutes.
  • 6:00 AM Manjal Saradu Muhurtham


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