2023 Makaravilakku Date And Timings Sabarimala Jyothi Darshan

Know the latest details about the 2023 Makaravilakku Date And Timings Sabarimala Jyothi Darshan, 2023 Makaravilakku Date And Timings


One of the most significant festivals in Kerala is Makaravilakku, which is observed at the Sabrimala temple. The people of Kerala, which is referred to as “God’s Own Country,” are utterly devoted and observe these holy processions and celebrations on a religious basis.

Sabrimala, a hill shrine in Kerala, celebrates this festival in great style. Thousands of devotees travel there to take part in the festivities and to see the sadhus’ rites being carried out on this auspicious day.

In various regions of the country, India, Makar Sankranti is recognised and observed as the kite festival. The people of Kerala commemorate Makar Sankranti as the Makaravilakku festival, particularly the sadhus and tourists to the Sabrimala temple. This significant annual festival is held at the local temple.

2023 Makaravilakku Date And Timings Sabarimala Jyothi Darshan

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During the event, the temple’s followers adored the Lord Ayyapan and dressed him in their Thiruvabharanam decorations. The pandits, sadhus, and the temple organisation begin making arrangements for this large event well in advance. At the temple, cleansing rites are also performed.

One of the most significant festivals is Makaravilakku at the Sabarimala Temple in Kerala. To witness the Makarvilakku (light or flame), which appears three times on the Ponnambalamedu hill, 4 kilometres from the temple, thousands of Lord Ayyappa worshippers congregate at the temple.

2023 Makaravilakku Date And Timings:

On Sunday, January 15, 2023, Makara Vilakku. It is celebrated in the evening.

The temple performs a multitude of rites, some of which are

  • After the pooja, the devotees get the holy prasad, or offering of food or anything sweet, from the temple, which is known as prasadasudhi.
  • Deeparadhana, or lighting of the Diya or camphor, denotes the beginning of the sacred festival celebration by the sadhus and senior temple authorities.
  • These are a some of the rites that are performed at the Sabrimala temple to kick off the celebration.

The Keralan state government also lights the lamp. The light or flame that flashes three times on the Ponnambalamedu hill, about 4 miles from the Sabrimala temple, is what Makaravilakku actually means. For worshippers and guests to watch the “Makaravilakku” and “Makarajyothi” in the temple, there are suitably set-up facilities. To see the event and get a glimpse of the Makaravilakku, worshippers gather in a variety of locations around the Sabarimala temple.

Sabrimala is a well-known pilgrimage site in India that draws visitors from all over the country and from beyond who are interested in learning more about Indian culture, customs, and religious practises. This festival showcases the heavenly customs and rich, ever-evolving culture. One must visit without a doubt to enjoy the opportunity to see all of this.

Tribe responsible for Makaravilakku:

In the past, the Malayaraya tribe, who are thought to be the ancestors of Malayaman Kaari, performed a sacred ceremony in the forest of Ponnambalamedu (the location where Makaravilakku appears), which was later covertly perpetuated by The Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB). The Makaravilakku does not have any paranormal elements. The tribes have been engaging in it for more than a thousand years. There is a temple in Ponnambalamedu, however it is not accessible to the general public as it is under the supervision of Kerala’s Forest Department.

These tribes also carry out their rites in the temple on Makaram 1st, when the Sirius star shines in the sky. Similar to how they do it in the Sabarimala temple, they also perform Arathi by encircling the idol with fire. It is carried out by circling the idol three times while blazing camphor and ghee in a vase. The lamp or fire that we view from the Sabarimalai temple and refer to as Makara Jyothi is actually Makaravilakku, which is located in the Ponnabalamedu. The heavenly Light “On the Makarasamkrama day, a star called the Jyothi can be seen in the sky over Ponnambalamedu and approaching Sabarimala’s eastern horizon. Makara Vilakku is the name of the lamp that is lit during the Deeparadhana (arati) ritual at the temple “.

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