2023 Masik Durga Ashtami List Dates Masam Month Pooja Timings

Know the details about the 2023 Masik Durga Ashtami List Dates Masam Month Pooja Timings, 2023  Masik Durga Ashtami List Dates and Timings

Masik Durgashtami is celebrated every month during Shukla Paksha’s Ashtami Tithi. On this day, worshippers of Goddess Durga worship Her and fast all day. The most important Durgashtami, known as Mahashtami, occurs in the month of Ashwin during the nine-day Shardiya Navratri celebrations.

2023 Masik Durga Ashtami:

Masik Durgashtami, the fast of Masik Durga, is observed on the eight dates or Asthami Tithi of the Shukla Paksha on a month-to-month basis. It is a daylong fast that lasts from daybreak to dark. The day is marked by the traditional maa Durga Puja, according to the rules and restrictions specified in the scriptures. The fast is one of the most important in Hinduism and is primarily conducted to obtain Maa Durga’s ultimate blessings. Although Durgashtami occurs in every month, the most important one occurs during Navratri and is known as Mahashtami. The nine forms of Goddess Durga are adored during Navratri. The Durgashtami puja is also known as the Astra puja since it is the day when weapons are worshipped.

2023 Masik Durga Ashtami List Dates Masam Month Pooja Timings

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2023 Masik Durga Ashtami List:

DateDurgashtami NameStart TimeEnd Time
January 29, 2023, SundayMasik Durgashtami08:43 AM, Jan 2809:05 AM, Jan 29
February 27, 2023, MondayMasik Durgashtami12:58 AM, Feb 2702:21 AM, Feb 28
March 29, 2023, WednesdayMasik Durgashtami07:02 PM, Mar 2809:07 PM, Mar 29
April 28, 2023, FridayMasik Durgashtami01:38 PM, Apr 2704:01 PM, Apr 28
May 28, 2023, SundayMasik Durgashtami07:42 AM, May 2709:56 AM, May 28
June 26, 2023, MondayMasik Durgashtami12:25 AM, Jun 2602:04 AM, Jun 27
July 26, 2023, WednesdayAdhika Masik Durgashtami03:08 PM, Jul 2503:52 PM, Jul 26
August 24, 2023, ThursdayMasik Durgashtami03:31 AM, Aug 2403:10 AM, Aug 25
September 23, 2023, SaturdayMasik Durgashtami01:35 PM, Sep 2212:17 PM, Sep 23
October 22, 2023, SundayDurga Ashtami09:53 PM, Oct 2107:58 PM, Oct 22
November 20, 2023, MondayMasik Durgashtami05:21 AM, Nov 2003:16 AM, Nov 21
December 20, 2023, WednesdayMasik Durgashtami01:06 PM, Dec 1911:14 AM, Dec 20

Vrath Katha Masik Durgashtami:

Durgam, an ancient monster whose pain extended over the universe, existed in ancient times. All the Gods hurried to Kailash in terror, seeking the refuge and assistance of Lord Shiva. The trinity (Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva) pooled their powers and strengths and gave birth to Maa Durga on Shukla Paksha Ashtami, bestowing her with the most powerful and lethal weapons that not only aided in destroying the demon, but also in restoring peace and bliss to the universe. She is also known as Mahishasura Mardani (the one who slayed the demon Mahishasura). As the demon Mahishasura received the boon that no species man could defeat him, Goddess Durga was summoned, and Durga Maa, riding her terrible lion, went on to kill the Demon.

Fasting guidelines for Masik Durgashtami:

  • It is claimed that on the day of the Masik Durgashtami day puja, no one should leave the house at any time.
  • During the fast, the worshipper should refrain from eating or drinking for the full day.
  • Even if one must eat something, it is recommended that milk and fruits be consumed; no non-veg or alcohol should be consumed on this day; at the same time, the worshipper should abstain from all pleasures and sleep on the floor or bed made of hay or mat.
  • Chant the Durga mantra throughout the day, especially while doing the aarti.

Masik Durgashtami Puja Rituals:

  • On the day of Durgashtami, it is considered auspicious if worshippers offer flowers and perfumes to the Goddess’s Idol.
  • On this day, Kumari Pujan (worship of virgin girls aged 6 to 12) is performed; these young girls are thought to be the incarnation of Goddess Durga.
  • Wake up early on the fast day, clean yourself, and sit in a solitary place in a meditative position, concentrating on the Goddess Durga Puja and the fast and ceremony that will be followed.
  • Prepare an Akhand Jyoti lamp and light it in front of the Goddess Durga Idol. Making sacrifices to the Goddess Durga Idol and also offering the Charnamrit to the Durga Idol
  • Later, distribute the Prasad or offerings to the others, complete your Vrath, and enjoy the food you cooked at dusk. Make an item out of wheat and jaggery and eat it to break your fast.

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