Alampur Sri Jogulamba Devi Temple Prasadam Online Booking

Know the details about the Alampur Sri Jogulamba Devi Temple Prasadam Online Booking, Alampur Sri Jogulamba Devi Temple Prasadam Online Booking

One of the 18 Sakti peethams in the Indian subcontinent, including Sankari Devi Temple in Sri Lanka, Jogulamba Devi Temple at Alampur, has been rebuilt after 615 years. Historical records state that the temple was completely destroyed during the Muslim invasion in 1390 AD. The invaders were driven out by the locals, who also relocated the primary idol to the adjacent Balabrahmeswara temple while putting up a furious resistance. Since that time, the idol had been revered in the corner of the shrine. Alampur, also known as “Dakshin Kasi,” is located 20 kilometres from Kurnool and once flourished as a centre for learning and spirituality. In the seventh and eighth century, the Chalukyas of Badami built a number of temples in and around Alampur, largely on Pulakesin-initiative. 

Chalukyas constructed nine temples honouring Navabrahmeswara and Jogulamba at Alampur alone. The temple of Tarakabrahma was not found, but eight magnificent Navabrahmeswara temples did exist. The site where the Jogulamba temple once stood has become the site of a reconstruction. The temple was reconstructed in accordance with how it was depicted in Nitya-natha Sidha’s “Rasaratnakaram” from the 12th century AD. The “Sri Chakra,” which is no longer accessible, was supposedly installed in the Jogulamba temple by Sankaracharya. The proponents of the Jogulamba temple found it challenging to persuade the State Government and the Archaeological Survey of India to restore the temple after the Alampur temple complex was designated a heritage monument.

Alampur Sri Jogulamba Devi Temple Prasadam Online Booking

The mythical context of Jogulamba’s tale:

In the Shakti Peethas mythology, Sati devi’s immolation is mentioned. After her father, Daksha, disparaged her husband, Shiva, Sati leapt into the yang fire and set herself on fire.

Daksha was killed by Veerabadhara, who was Shiva’s angry manifestation. The moment the Lord converted his rage into the celestial dance, the Tandava, the universe began to tremble beneath his feet.

With the help of his Sudarshana Chakra, Lord Vishnu dismembered Sati’s body in order to soothe the Lord. In various regions of the subcontinent, there were shrines dedicated to the goddess Rose where the body parts ended up.

Online Booking Prasadam at Alampur Sri Jogulamba Devi Temple :

We cannot book Jogulamba devu prasadam in online we can directly purchase into counters in the temple.

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How to Reach the Temple:

An extremely old temple that is thought to date back to the sixth century. The highway between Hyderabad and Bangalore is nearby (about 15kms from the highway). The route from Hyderabad to the temple is excellent, and it is around 200 miles away.

  • Can leave from Hyd at 8 AM and return in 3 hours, making it a day trip.
  • Spend an hour bathing or boating on the Tungabhadra river.
  • A 1- to 2-hour temple visit and darshan.
  • May get back to the hotel by 7-8 PM.
  • This location gets highly popular around holidays and Dasara.
  • One of the 18 potent Shaktipith is this. There is an old Shiva temple on the grounds of the temple. We drove three hours from the Hyderabad airport to get here. Road is fine.
  • The walkways within the temple grounds are lined with a substance similar to lime. However, it is advised to wear socks when walking along the banks of the Tungabhadra River because the location is hot.
  • There are no eating facilities; the closest hotel, Harita, only serves a south Indian dish that costs Rs. 100 and has unlimited rise, subji, and dal.

The following are some reasons to visit the location:

  •  The location of Amma’s jawbone’s fall to earth, the jogulamba Shaktipeeth, the fifth of the Ashtadasha Shaktipeeths
  •  a historical Shiva temple
  • And Tungabhadra Bank 

Don’t forget to visit the Ranganatha Swami Temple in Srirangapuram, which is located on the bank of a reservoir close by and on the route to Mahbubnagar.


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