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The Temple town of Sakhinetipalle Mandal’s Antarvedi, in the East Godavari region of India’s Andhra Pradesh state, is home to the Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Antarvedi Temple. Locate the temple near the confluence of the Godavari River and its tributary, the Bay of Bengal, and the Vashista Godavari.

In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, the town of Antarvedi serves as a major pilgrimage site in the East Godavari region. Inland from the East shore is where you’ll find this location. Alternatively, it is called “Dakshina Kashi,” which literally means “South Kashi.”When they had some spare time during the Kritayuga, Sage Sounaka, and his contemporaries would meet at Naimisaranya to collect Satrayaga.

Antarvedi Temple Annadanam Daily Timings Online Donation And History Of The Antarvedi Temple

At these get-togethers, they were taught by Suta, a Quranic storyteller, everything about India’s most important and well-known landmarks. The importance of the Antarvedi Shrine and Lord Lakshmi Narasimha was brought up, and he was asked to talk about their renown at one point. Sharing the tale that Lord Brahma had told Sage Narada offered Suta much pleasure.

The following is Lord Brahma’s response to Narada’s question on the background of the Antarvedi. Vasista, a wise man, founded an ashram. Lord Brahma performed Rudrayaga and installed Lord Neela Kantheswara after he had washed away the sins committed against Lord Sankara by casting the Goutam Branch of the Godavari River into the sea.

Since it has been transformed into a stage (or vedik) for the performance of the Yaga, the area is now known by the name Antarvehi. Location: just beside the Vasistha River. Raktavilochana, son of Hiranyaksha, had been doing extreme penance for ten thousand years on the banks of the Vasishta River in an effort to win Lord Siva’s favor. His devotion was so pleasing to Lord Sanjara that he bowed down to him.

He promised to provide him with all the favors he asked for. After the battle, when all of his enemies had been vanquished, Raktavilochana prayed that the amount of blood-soaked sand particles that had fallen from his body to the ground would generate the same number of Rakshasas as powerful and energetic as himself and help him become one with him. In addition, visitors to the Antarvedi temple have access to a broad range of facilities. When visitors arrive at the Antarvedi temple, they may take use of the various services and benefits available there. The Godavari River flows into the Bay of Bengal in Sangamam, and the temple is located there.

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Annadanam Timings Daily Donation Of Antarvedi Temple

The Antarvedi temple will be delivering the Annadanam to the pilgrims who visit the temple. Donations may be made online. Any traveler who makes their way to the Antarvedi temple has the opportunity to take advantage of the Free Annandanam that is offered inside the temple. The Antarvedi temple has been offering free meals to travelers for a number of years now. Even up to this very day, the tradition has been kept going.

The Annadanam ceremony that takes place at the Antarvedi temple takes place between the hours of 11.30 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The devotees are welcome to visit the temple and may make use of this amenity there. The quality of the cuisine that is offered here is consistently regarded as among the highest in the state. There are a lot of temples that provide Annadanam to visitors. However, the pilgrims will be treated to an exceptionally high level of hospitality at this location. The components of the dish are prepared and presented with utmost attention to detail. The flavor of the Annadanam, which is traditionally prepared and presented on banana leaves, is considered to be among the finest in the state.

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