Navagraha Japa Sankhya Count Benefits Pooja Cost History

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Each Graha Japam Time required: anywhere from one to two hours (exactly how long is determined by the number of Brahmans).
The dress code for the Pooja is as follows:
Male: White Pancha, Dhoti/ Kurta, Pyjama.
Saree with a blouse; Punjabi dress with a dupatta; Chudidhar with a dupatta; Half saree are some of the options for women’s attire.
5 to 9 members of the clergy are required to complete the count.

Navagraha Japa Sankhya Count Benefits Pooja Cost History

Surya Graha Japa Benefits

  • By chanting Surya, one may invigorate their body and clear their mind of destructive ideas.
  • The individual’s overall health is improved, and their mental and physical capacities are lauded for their achievements.
  • By expressing thanks to Lord Sun and reciting the Sun mantra in astrology, the native may forge stronger connections with other people. In addition to this, they develop the ability to put others before themselves and anticipate more from life.
  • It is helpful in treating disorders that affect the eyes.

Chandra Graha Japa Benefits

  • The repetition of this moon mantra serves to dispel a variety of unfavorable ideas.
  • removes both actual and potential roadblocks, and generates mental calmness, all of which contribute to an increase in good energy.
  • You will experience prosperity as well as improved mental, emotional, and physical health as a result of this.

Kuja Graha Japa Benefits

  • Lord Kuja Graha will aid with energy and rapidity.
  • The aggressive tendency may be eliminated with Kuja Graha Japam.
  • In most cases, this also has the effect of enhancing the relationship between the married couple.
  • Kuja Graha Dosha Nivarana Puja is required to do on Janma Nakshatra or Tuesday.

Budha Graha Japa Benefits

  • Chanting this mantra can help those whose natal charts have issues because the planet Budha is placed in an improper position.
  • They are able to lessen the negative impacts that are brought on by the shifts in the positions of the planets if they say the mantra on a consistent basis.
  • Knowledge, enlightenment, and wisdom are all concepts that are connected to Lord Bhudh.
  • One who is able to say the mantra on a consistent basis will notice a difference in the manner in which they express themselves verbally.
  • It is beneficial to a person’s ability to develop their communication abilities.
  • People who practice this Buddh Navagraha mantra are able to keep their minds as well as their bodies calm, which provides them with the mental fortitude necessary to overcome the challenges that they experience in life.

Guru Graha Japa Benefits

  • It mitigates the negative consequences of Guru Graha and contributes to both the financial and spiritual advancement of an individual.
  • It contributes to the achievement of peace and harmony, and it fosters the growth of financial success.
  • In addition, it encourages the smooth operation of businesses and provides stability for individuals.

Shukra Graha Japa Benefits

  • The planet Shukra is one of the beneficent planets that have the potential to bestow upon its residents the qualities of bravery, and self-assurance.
  • prosperity, pleasures, comforts, joy, and very pleasant married life.
  • When placed in a beneficent position in the horoscope, the planet Shukra enables a person to amass all the wealth in the world and achieve success in every aspect of their lives.

Navagraha Japa Sankhya Count Benefits Pooja Cost History

Shani Graha Japa Benefits

  • It will solve all of your problems with your health and your finances.
  • The Shani Mantra is a method of therapy for gaining the favor of Shani Deva.
  • The Shani Mantra is useful for enhancing one’s mental capabilities.
  • The recitation of the Shani mantra has the effect of opening one’s eyes since it enables one to make better decisions and judgements in all parts of one’s life.
    Reciting this mantra on Saturdays may be of assistance to you in effecting positive change in your life.

Rahu Graha Japa Benefits

  • The most common advantage of reciting the Rahu mantra is that it enables the native to combat.
  • any form of malevolent spirit or destructive energy that may be present in their environment.
  • Rahu indicates your Karma.

Ketu Graha Japa Benefits

  • If you execute this Graha Shanti Japa, you will see positive benefits for Ketu Graha, which will counteract the unfavorable impacts of the Graha.
  • It is beneficial for a person to use it so that they might prevent unfortunate events, sicknesses, and harmful energy.

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