Ayusha Homam Puja Rituals Procedure Benefits Online Booking

Know The Details About Ayusha Homam Puja Rituals Procedure Benefits Online Booking, Best Muhurtham, Timings, Costs, And More Information

An Ayusha Homam will be performed since it is for the benefit of Ayur Devatha. If you do this Pooja, it will increase your chances of living a long and healthy life. This procedure may be performed on anybody who is serious about making an effort to improve their health.

The Ayush Suktham is going to be recited when we are doing this Pooja. This Pooja is performed the majority of the time at reaching the age of sixty, seventy, eighty, or one hundred (based on the janma nakshatra). One can carry out this Homam even if you are not in the best of health right now.

Ayusha Homam Puja Rituals Procedure Benefits Online Booking

Vaishnavites engage in a number of rituals, the most prominent of which are Sri Sooktha, Purusha Suktha, Sudarsana Homam, and Ayush Homam. In the Shaivite homam series, the Ganapathi Homam, the Mruthyunjaya Homam, and the Navagraha Homam are considered to be the first, second, and third homams, respectively. After the Ayush Homam and the Poorna Ahuthi have been finished, the Jayathi Homam is then performed as the last part of the ceremony.

Benefits Of Ayusha Homam Pooja:

In Ayush homa, the god is called Ayur Devata. You’ll be in better health and live longer thanks to the boost in energy, which is crucial for going about your daily business. Markandeya was a devout devotee of Lord Shiva, and Shiva blessed him with eternal youth and life.

  • Ayush homa is a Hindu ritual used to prevent illness and prolong life.
  • The positive effects on children’s health are clear.
  • If you want to lessen or eliminate the risk of accidents, injuries, and serious health problems, this homam is highly recommended.
  • carried out with the purpose of alleviating psychological and physiological distress
  • Find solace from terminal conditions.
  • Get forward in life on all fronts, material and spiritual.
  • It improves a person’s health and happiness by erasing the consequences of karmic debt (karmas from past lives).

Ayusha Homam Pooja Procedure:

  • Participants in this stunning puja may look forward to a myriad of beneficial benefits as a result of their involvement.
  • The worship of Ayur Devta sometimes referred to as the “God of life,” is the primary objective of this pooja.
  • Both the Ayush Shuktha mantra and the Ayur Devata mantra need to be spoken in order to do this homam.
  • It is believed that reciting mantras creates an environment that is both spiritual and uplifting.
  • Mantras have the potential to have an influence even on a more subconscious level.
  • In addition to the chantings, we also throw into the sacrificial fire the sacred grains that are associated with the Navagrahas, which are also known as the nine planets.

Ayusha Homam Puja Rituals Procedure Benefits Online Booking

Ayusha Homam Vidhi:

  • Decorating a statue of Ganesha with flowers and naivedyam before praying or performing the Ganapati homam ensures that the ritual runs without a hitch.
  • An Aarti and Sankalpa
  • Kammahdya entails doing an Ayush Pooja in accordance with one’s natal Nakshatra and reciting the Ayush Shooktam.
  • Kamaanthya is the last step of the fire ritual known as 4avan or Homam, and it consists of offering poornahuti, arthi, and the thambulam to the agni devatha. The ceremony concludes with a round of blessings from the assembled elders.
  • In addition to the Ayush Homam, Srivaishnavites often do the Sri Suktha, Purusha Sooktha, and Sudarsana Homam.

During Ayush Homam, prayers are made to the following deities:

  • Markandeya – Symbolises both physical and mental health, as well as the strength to overcome illness.
  • Chiranjivis – Seven ancient and eternal seers from far ago
  • Ashwatthama – Sage of immortality and courageous fighter
  • Mahabali – Immortal beneficent king
  • Vyasa – A wise man who is famous for composing the Mahabharata.
  • Lord Hanuman – The greatest and most devoted follower of Lord Rama
  • Vibhishana – Ravana’s brother, who was renowned for his righteousness
  • Kripacharya – Sage of unending life who is famed for educating children of royal families.
  • Parashurama – Incarnation of the god Vishnu as an immortal warrior

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