Bhimeswara Temple Draksharamam History Timings Details

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It is believed that Surya Bhagavan built a temple and performed devotion in Bhimavaram in order to repair the linga that was there. Inscriptions have shown that the Eastern Chalukyan monarch Bhima was responsible for the construction of this time between the 9th and 10th centuries.

A mandapa may be seen in front of each of the gopuras in this temple. An intriguing and significant sculptural panel depicting Sapatarishis and Arundathi may be found next to the stair that leads to the Saptagodavari tank within the temple. The figure of Saptarshi and Arundhati has been sculpted in relief on the stone slab that has Orissan temples shown in miniature on it. It is quite likely that this is the sole example of a Saptarishi or Arundhati that can be found in India.

Bhimeswara Temple Draksharamam History Timings Details

  • The Demon Tarakasura was responsible for the theft of the Amrutha Atma Linga, which was discovered at the Ksheerasagar Mathanam (drilling Ocean of Milk).
  • As Tarakasura wore the Linga around his neck, it infused him with its otherworldly abilities, making him almost unstoppable.
  • During the conflict, Kumara Swamy, son of Siva and Parvathi, who was serving as the commander-in-chief for the divine forces, came face to face with Tarakasura.
  • In accordance with the guidance of Maha Vishnu, Kumara Swamy shattered the Siva Linga donned by the demon with his Agni weapon.
  • The Atma Linga was shattered into five parts, and each of the fragments made an effort to bring itself back together by chanting “Aum.”
  • To avert this Indra, Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Vishnu and Kumara Swamy worshipped the Linga‚Äôs at the appropriate spots.
  • The Bhimeswara temple in Draksharama features two prakaras. According to the inscriptions, the temple was constructed by Bhima, who was the Eastern Chalukyan King of Vengi, at the time when the Rashtrakootas were attacking his country.
  • As a result, the sculptural traditions of the Chalukya and Chola styles may be seen combined in the artwork and construction of the temple.
  • The outer prakara has a total of four entrances, each of which is crowned by a gopuram and faces one of the four cardinal directions.
  • The south side of the building, which is surrounded with a pillared two-storey veranda, is where the entry to the inner prakara is located.

Draksharamam Bhimeswara Temple Significance

The Sri Bhimeswara Temple is a multi-level structure that is comprised of Dviprakanas. The height of these stone walls serving as a barrier is rather impressive. Each of the four Dwaras (gates) that lead to the temple from the cardinal directions is topped with a gopuram, and the temple may be entered from any of these four ways.

The size of the western gopuram in comparison to the other three gopurams, which are located to the north, east, and south, respectively, is comparatively larger. Each of the vertical door jambs on each side of the entry doorway is carved with a motif that resembles scrollwork. Images of Dwarapalakas are displayed on both sides of the entranceway to the room. In contrast to the eastern and western gopuras, the northern and southern gopuras both have a straightforward and uncomplicated appearance.

In the location known as Draskharama, it is often claimed that the Saptarishis, in an effort to make their penance more effective, split the Godavari River apart into seven separate streams. Antarvahinies are the names given to the subterranean streams that were formerly known as Bharadhwaja, Viswamitra, and Jamadagni. The Sapta Godavari Kundam is located next to the temple, and devotees may use it to wash themselves there. The festival of Sivarathri is held on a massive scale and draws in a large number of pilgrims.

The architecture of the temple is quite remarkable. The Temple is made up of a mandapa that has two levels. The most impressive part of the Temple is the Garbhagriha, which is known for its culturally significant architecture. Stones are cut into intricate designs and used to ornament the pillars. On the stone walls, there are inscriptions written in a variety of Dravidian, Tamil, Devanagari, and Telugu scripts. This temple is surrounded by 108 other Shiva temples that have been erected nearby.

There are two levels to the main temple. The top level of the sanctuary may be reached by ascending two sets of steps. In addition to a Sanctum, there is a pillared pradakshina that surrounds the structure on three sides. At this Garbhagriha, Bhimeswara may be seen in the shape of a Shivalingam that is around 10 feet tall. On the property is a slender mandapam for religious services. In this version, Manikyamba is said to be Shiva’s consort. Mythological characters have been carved onto the walls and pillars of the temple for ornamental purposes.

Bhimeswara Temple Draksharamam History Timings Details

Different Modes Of Transport To Reach Bhimeshwara Temple

  • The Bhimeshwara temple Temple is Around 30 Kilometers from the Railway Station.
  • The Drakshamam Temple has situated 50km from Rajahmundry.
  • ThecDistance Between the Temple and Amalapuram is Approx. 25kms
  • The Nearest Airport is in Vizag.
  • The Kakinada Railway Station is the nearest one.
  • This is the Complete Information About Bhimeswara Temple Draksharamam History Timings Details

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