Kadri Manjunath Temple Pooja Timings Darshan Details Booking

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One of Lord Vishnu’s incarnations, Parasurama, offered to do penance for Lord Siva in order to cleanse him of sin. Penance was something that Lord Siva had requested him to do at Rasakoopa. The landmass of Rasakoopa, which can be found in the Suvarna Kadali Vana, has been absorbed by the water. Through the use of his magical abilities, Parasurama was able to get the Vana out of the ocean and complete the penance. On top of the Kadri Hill, Lord Siva was delighted with the devotion that had self-manifested there.

This temple was constructed somewhere between the 10th and 11th centuries AD. After then, during the reign of the Vijayanagara Kings in the 14th century AD, this temple had a renovation. Seven Holy Tirthas may be seen just outside the temple’s main entrance. It is often believed that the Sapthakoti Mahamanthra metamorphosed into the sacred Kund. On the northeastern side of the temple is where you’ll find the Kashi Bhagirathi Theertha.

Kadri Manjunath Temple Pooja Timings Darshan Details Booking

Kadri Manjunath temple Timings

  • Morning         5 am – 1 pm
  • Evening        4 pm – 8 pm

Dhanurmasam Timings

  • Morning  5 am – 1 pm
  • Evenings  4 pm – 8pm

Kadri Manjunath Temple Pooja Timings Darshan Details

Prior to the 10th century A.D., Kadri served as a pivotal location for the practise and study of Buddhism. There are a variety of documents that provide credence to the assertion that may be found in and around Kadri. During the 10th century A.D., Buddhism started to lose its hold on the region, and a new religion known as Natha Pantha (a cult) entrenched itself in Kadri.

The religious practise known as Natha Pantha is a modified version of the Vajrayana religious practise that is associated with the Mahayana school of Buddhism. Over the course of time, Shivaism came to dominate the area. The Jogis referred to the inhabitants of the area as the local people. In addition, the name of their monastic settlement is Jogimutt.

Kadri became the Vihara, or religious centre, for Buddhist monks who had travelled here from northern India. These monks eventually resided in this area. During those times, people referred to the site as the Kadarika Vihara. After then, adherents of the Natha Pantha religion also migrated to this region and established themselves there. The inscription of 968 A.D. lists Mangalore as “Mangalapura” and Kadri as “Kadarika Vihara”.

In a stone inscription that dates back to the 12th or 13th century A.D. and is available in the kitchen of the temple, it is written in Kannada and Malayalam. This inscription makes it abundantly clear that the then-King, in addition to local landlords and other significant people in the area, contributed a plot of land for the construction of the temple. Due to the fact that early sections of the epigraph have been broken, the name of the King is now unclear. According to the sources that have survived, the Alupa Queen Balli Mahadevi (1277-1288) identified herself as a devotee of Lord Manjunatha.

Available Transport And Location Manjunath Temple

  • By Plane, The closest airport is in Mangalore, which is about 16 kilometres away.It is easy to travel to and from other regions of India from Mangalore.
  • By Train, The closest train station to Mangalore is located 5 kilometres away in the city of Mangalore.
  • By Road, There is a bus that travels directly between Mangalore and Temple.
    The Mallikatte Bus stop is about one kilometre away from the temple.

 Location of The Manjunath Temple

Temples Nearby

  • Kala Bhairveswara Temple           1Km
  • Seetha Bavi        1 Km
  • Gorakshanath Temple   1 Km
  • Matsyendranath Temple              1 Km
  • A convenient public transit service is provided to visit the temple, which is located about four kilometres away from the centre of Mangalore City. Buses run frequently, and auto rickshaws with affordable fares are readily accessible to passengers. These auto rickshaws, which are three-wheeled motor vehicles, are a practical mode of transportation for first-time tourists.

Address And Contacts

Kadri Shri Manjunatha Temple,


Mangalore – 575 002.

Phone: 91-824-214176.

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