Appanapalli Bala Balaji Temple History Dharshan Details Book

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The worship of Lord Venkateswara takes place in the Appanapalli Bala Balaji Temple. It is thought that the god may be seen manifesting themselves at this location.Appanapalli Village History. As to the Legends, Sage Kasyapa married Kadru, daughter of Daksha Prajapati. Vinata is the most well-known of Kasyapa’s numerous other wives, although he also had many more. Kasyapa and Kadru were each given a thousand serpents as a blessing.

Kadru and her sister Vinata wagered against one another that whoever lost the bet would be forced to serve others. When Vinata disputed Kadru’s assertion that Indra’s White Horsetail is black, Kadru responded by stating that the bet is on him. Even though Kadru is aware that the Horsetail is white, she intends to deceive her sister into believing something false in order to subjugate her. In order to do this, she requested that her sons personally braid the tail in order to give it a dark appearance.

Appanapalli Bala Balaji Temple History Dharshan Details Book

  • However, Kadru’s boys ignored their mother’s request, which caused her to get enraged. As a result, she cursed them, stating that they would all perish in the Yagna fire. Concerned Nagas carried out the instruction without showing it. As a result of losing the bet, Vinata was forced to serve as a slave. Garuda was born to Vinata, a servant, and immediately began serving Kadru. By fulfilling Vina ta’s demand for nectar, Garuda was able to free his mother from a life of servitude (Amruth).
  • After that, Garuda developed an intense hatred for Nagas and began a daily ritual of devouring snakes. King Jimutavahana sacrificed his life to save Sankachoodudu from Garuda when he was guarding the snake. Because of this, the locals originally referred to the location as Arpana Palli (the word “Arpana” means “Sacrifice,” and “Palli” means “Village”), but it was eventually renamed Appanapalli. Sage Kasyapa granted Jimutavahana’s request and instructed Garuda to reroute a stream of the Vasista so that it flows through Appanpalli. The water flowed through the settlement, bringing redemption to the serpents that had been slain by the Garuda. As a result, the Vynateya were familiar with the rivulet (Son of Vinata).

Appanapalli Bala Balaji Temple History Dharshan Details

According to a different account, the Serpent King Jimutavahana received a request for protection from the serpents. Jimutavahana went to Garuda with the intention of giving his life in exchange for serpents. Jimutavahana, who was impressed that Garuda had provided a boon, inquired as to whether or not it was feasible for Garuda to bring back serpents, but Garuda said that it was not possible. Garuda then manipulated the course of the river Vasista so that it flowed over the corpses of the killed serpents. Because of this, the community was once known as Tarpana Palli (where tarpana refers to the act of performing last rites and palli refers to the hamlet), but it was subsequently renamed Appanapalli

Appanapalli Bala Balaji Temple History Dharshan Details History

In response to a request from Vakulamatha’s mother, Lord has self-manifested in this form so that he might be seen as a kid. The following is the narrative of Molleti Rama Swamy, a coconut trader who is a devout follower of Lord Venkateswara. He is the son of Molleti Munaiah and Mangamma. Here is the story. He had a habit of going to Tirupati on a regular basis. One night, the Lord came to a devotee in the guise of a kid in his dreams and informed him that he would materialize in the devotee’s hometown. One day, Rama Swamy came upon an idol of Lord Balaji hiding in the weighing pan. He gave the idol the name Bala Balaji and proceeded to install it.

Appanapalli Bala Balaji Temple History Dharshan DetailsTiming

  • Timings for Darshan on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
    6:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. are the morning hours.
  • The evening shift runs from 2:00 pm till 7:15 pm.
  • Darshan Schedule for Saturday
  • The morning shift runs from 5:00 am until 1:00 pm.
  • The evening shift runs from 2:00 pm till 7:15 pm.

Appanapalli Bala Balaji Temple History Dharshan Details Of Reaching

  • Where may visitors get directions to the Appanapalli Bala Balaji Temple?
  • By Air
  • The domestic airport that is closest to the town is located in Rajahmundry, which is 84 kilometres distant.
  • By Train
  • The Palakollu train station is the closest one, and it is located 35 km away.
  • By Road
  • From Rajahmundry and Palakollu, you may take the bus that goes directly there.

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