Chejerla Temple Kapotheswara Swamy Lingakara History Details

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The worship of Lord Siva may be found in the Chejerla Temple. The name of the god who rules over this place is Kapotheswara Swami. This temple is an example of three distinct styles of South Indian architecture: the Nagara, the Vesara, and the Dravidian.

It is clear from the inscriptions that this temple was constructed somewhere during the third and fourth centuries of the Common Era (A.D.). The primary shrine dedicated to the Lord is an elongated apsidal structure topped with a barrel vault. This temple’s entrance is located on the eastern side.

Chejerla Temple Kapotheswara Swamy Lingakara History Details

  • The Lord of this temple may be seen at Lingakara. This temple is located in Lingakara.
  • The god Kapotheswara sacrificed a piece of his own anatomy in order to preserve the life of a pigeon that had taken shelter with him.
  • Even now, one can make out on the Idol what seem to be enormous cavities, as if pieces of it had been scooped out or hacked away.
  • It is stated that the hollows in the idol were created when the Lord severed pieces of his own flesh in an effort to save the life of a pigeon (Kapota).
  • The Idol may be seen here with its head severed, and there are two sizable holes on top of the Linga where it was placed.
  • There is no one who knows where the Abhisheka Tirtha is flowing; it is absorbed by the cavities in the Idol.
  • One can almost smell the raw flesh that emanates from this idol, and one can also see blood oozing out of it.
  • Mehadambara and Jeemutavahana were Sibi’s brothers, and they helped him rule the kingdom of Kashmir while he was Sibi’s grandfather Yayati Maharaj’s grandson.
  • Sibi was the son of Mandhata and the grandson of Yayati Maharaj.
  • As part of his pilgrimage, Mehadambara asked permission from his brother and traveled to the location of Cherum Chorla, which is located on the hill known as Devarakonda, where Rishis were conducting acts of penance in the caves.
  • Together with the other wise men, Mehadambara did his penance at this location.
  • Once he passed away, he was laid to rest on the highest point of the hill, and since his corpse would not decay, it took on the appearance of Linga.
  • After seeing this Lingakara, the villagers constructed a temple that they named Linga Mehadambeswara.
  • The entourage of the King of Kashmir brought the news to the King’s attention.

Kapotheswara Swamy Lingakara Importance And Significance

  • Jeemutavahana set off towards Cherum Chorla with the intention of bringing back his brother’s corpse.
  • As he arrived at this location, he continued in his brother’s footsteps, and eventually, his body made it to Kailash.
  • King Sibi received the news from his bodyguards who had conveyed it.
  • When King Sibi arrived here, he immediately began the Hundred Yajnas ritual since the location was so sacred.
  • One would be able to enter the domain of Brahma if one performed one hundred Yajnas.
  • In a location on Earth known as Rupanaguntla, the three gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Vishnu made their way down to the planet in order to put Sibi’s devotion to the test.
  • Lord Siva took the guise of a hunter, Brahma was converted into an arrow, and Vishnu took the form of a pigeon.
  • Lord Siva is shown here as a hunter making an attempt to shoot the pigeon.
  • The pigeon made a quick ascent into the air and eventually landed in the hands of King Sibi, where it sought the king’s defense.
  • And at the same moment, Sibi was carrying out his one hundred and first Yajna.
  • Hunter revealed to Sibi that his occupation is hunting and that he subsists on the meat of various animals and birds.
  • He made a plea to Sibi to let the bird fly free so that he might shoot it and eat it.
  • Sibi said that it is his Dharma to defend whoever approaches him and that it is his responsibility to do so.
  • Sibi came to the conclusion that it was his duty to defend the bird while still granting the request of the hunter.
  • Sibi started by placing the bird on one side of the balance pan, and then he tore up parts of his body and put them on the other side.
  • The bird began to weigh more, so Sibi began chopping off enormous chunks of his body and placing them on the scale

Chejerla Temple Kapotheswara Swamy Lingakara History Details

  • Timings for the Chejerla Temple
  • The morning shift is open from 06:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
  • Evening Hours are from 03:00 PM to¬† 08:00 PM

Directions For Chejerla Temple

  • The airport that is closest to you is located in Vijayawada, which is 145 kilometers away.
  • This temple is located 239 kilometers away from Hyderabad International Airport.
  • This temple is about 30 kilometers from NarasaraoPet, which is where you’ll find the closest train station.
  • By way of the roadways, Guntur is very well linked with the whole of the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, as well as the main towns in the state of Karnataka.
  • Temple is located 79 kilometers distant from the Guntur Bus station.

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