Golden Chariot Melmaruvathur Temple Online Booking Timings

Know the details about the Golden Chariot Melmaruvathur Temple Online Booking Timings, Golden Chariot Melmaruvathur Temple Online Booking Timings

Daily, thousands of devotees make their way to the Melmaruvathur Temple in search of divine darshan of the Goddess Adhi Para Sakthi. Thaipoosam, Telugu New Year’s Day, Tamil New Year’s Day, Chitra Pournami, Adi Pooram, and Navarathri are the festivals that are observed and celebrated at the Melmaruvathur Temple. The temple doors close for the day at the usual time in the afternoon, but they reopen in the morning so people can receive darshan. For an easy darshan, devotees should check the Melmaruvathur Temple Timings, which include the Aarti Timings, Darshan Timings, Pooja Timings, and Abhishekam Timings in addition to the Melmaruvathur temple Opening Time and closing Time.

Melmaruvathur Pournami Vilakku is a type of pooja that is performed on the day of the full moon. At the beginning of each pooja, a lamp is lit and the ritual is performed in the temple. This ceremony is referred to by its full name, the Melmaruvathur Pournami Vilakku Pooja.

Golden Chariot Melmaruvathur Temple Online Booking Timings

The pooja will be performed in honour of the pilgrims, and they will have the option to pay for it. The Pooja will not be performed on a daily basis. It is only visible during the Pournami, which are the days of the full moon. Even before the festival takes place, the pilgrims can use the internet to make reservations for the Melmaruvathur Pournami Vilakku. The Melmaruvathur Shrine is an important temple for people who adhere to the Om Shakthi Movement. The Lord Adhi Parasakthi makes his home at the temple on a regular basis. Om Shakthi is a term of endearment that the locals and guests use to refer to the Lord.

The Melmaruvathur Temple is considered to be one of the most important destinations for devotees of the Om Shakthi. The Lord in this place Adi Parasakthi can be found within the Melmaruvathur Temple. Om Shakthi is the name that the pilgrims give to the Lord in this region. There is a temple. Every year, the temple is visited by lakhs of pilgrims, most of whom are drawn there by the Malai. 

The temple rests on a substantial foundation of women devotees. The majority of the pilgrims are going to make their way to the temple for the offering. The temple accepts a large number of offerings. This can be provided by the pilgrims as they enter the shrine. The travellers are welcome to go straight to the temple, where they can perform the offering. In addition, the pilgrims can book the offering online, and they can complete the process in the temple.

Golden Chariot of Melmaruvathur Temple Available Online

Price and Time of Bookings

  • The Golden Chariot puja is something that all of the pilgrims are welcome to take part in at the Melmaruvathur temple. 
  • Every day at the temple, the pooja of the golden chariot is performed. Those pilgrims that are interested in taking part in that you can make your reservation for the Melmaruvathur Golden Chariot Pooja either online or offline.
  • The cost of participation in the Golden Chariot Pooja at the Melmaruvathur Temple is Rs 1,010 per individual. The pilgrims are free to move forward. Visit the temple on their own and reserve a spot for the pooja
  • The Melmaruvathur Golden Chariot is now available for online booking for the pilgrims. There is an option for online booking on the website.

Click Here for the Golden Chariot Melmaruvathur Temple Online Booking

Once the booking has been completed, the pilgrims will be informed of the schedules for the Melmaruvathur Golden Chariot completed.

To complete their registration for the Melmaruvathur Golden Chariot puja, pilgrims need to pay online.

At the temple counter, pilgrims will be able to make reservations for offline poojas in the temple if they so choose. But During the high season, which coincides with the festival season, there will be an excessive amount of people, and pilgrims may not be able to get in the tickets not being sold online.

Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple Distance From Railway Stations, or Airports 

  •  Distance from Melmaruvathur Railway Station to Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple in Melmaruvathur 1 Kms
  • The distance from Chennai International Airport to Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple is 301 kilometres.
  • Kilometres Separate the Temples of Adhiparasakthi in Kanchipuram and Melmaruvathur. 54 Kms
  •  How far is it to get from Bangalore to the Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple? 332 Kms
  • The distance from the Koyambedu Bus Stop to the Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple. 11 Kms
  •  Travelling 39 kilometres to reach Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple from the Vandalur Zoo Bus Stand

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